Contract Lengths for Marvel Actors

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Recently, a reader asked for a clear lineup of which actors have signed on for how many movies. I love the idea and hadn’t thought of it yet. So let this be proof that if you want something specific for me to write about, I will gladly do it. So without further adieu, here we go!

Founding Avengers

Robert Downey Junior – Iron Man: 2+

RDJ originally signed on for 3 Iron Man movies and 1 Avenger movie. He has since signed on for two more Avenger movies and Cap 3. He has appeared in 5 already. It is likely he would sign on to any future movies, given an adequate price.

Chris Evans – Captain America: 2

Evans originally signed on for 3 Avenger movies and 3 Cap movies (cameos don’t count). He has appeared in 4 already. He has expressed vague interest in leaving acting for a time after fulfillment.

Chris Hemsworth – Thor: 2+

Hemsworth originally signed on for 3 Thor movies and 3 Avenger movies. He has appeared in 4 already. He has indicated that he would gladly sign on for more if the fans want him.

Mark Ruffalo – Hulk: 4

Ruffalo signed on for 6 movies total, without specific individual series. He has appeared in 2 already. He has not commented on expanding the contract yet.

Scarlett Johansonn – Black Widow: 1?

We do not know the length of Johansonn’s contract. It is likely a picture-by-picture deal. She has signed on for Cap 3. She has appeared in 4 movies already. Beyond that, we don’t know much.

Jeremy Renner – Hawkeye: 2-3

Renner originally signed on for 3 Avenger movies. He also signed on for Cap 3. It is unclear if this is his third obligation, although it is unlikely. He has appeared in 2 movies already (cameo excluded).

New Avengers

Aaron Taylor Johnson – Quicksilver: 0?

Whedon initially announced that Quicksilver and his sister both has 3-film contracts, but later retracted the statement as a red herring. It is unlikely that we will see him again, but not possible.

Elizabeth Olson – Scarlet Witch: 2?

Whedon initially announced that Scarlet Witch and her brother both has 3-film contracts, but later retracted the statement as a red herring. We don’t know if that applies to both syblings or just one. She has signed on for Cap 3, but we don’t know beyond that. She has appeared in one film already.

Paul Bettany – Vision: ?

Bettany does a have a multiple-picture deal, but we don’t know how many. He has signed on for Cap 3, however. He has appeared in one film already.

Chadwick Boseman – Black Panther: 5

Boseman has reportedly signed on for 5 films. He has not yet appeared on screen at all.


Sebastian Stan – Bucky: 7

Stan has signed on for a staggering 9 films as Bucky. He has appeared in two of them. He is theorized to become the next Captain America.

Don Cheadle – Rhodey: “Several”

Cheadle’s contract has not been disclosed, but Cheadle says he has signed on for “several” films. He has appeared in 3 already and has been confirmed for Cap 3.

Anthony Mackie – Falcon: “Like, 50”

Mackie’s contract has not been disclosed, but when asked, Mackie said he signed on for, “Like, 50.” He has only appeared in two films so far.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Chris Pratt – Starlord: ?

Zoe Saldana – Gamora: ?

Bradley Cooper – Rocket: ?

Vin Diesel – Groot: ?

Dave Bautista – Drax: ?

None of the Guardians have revealed their contract lengths as of yet, although they have confirmed that the contracts are for multiple pictures.


Tom Hiddleston – Loki: 2

Hiddleston signed on for 5 films total in unspecified franchises. He has appeared in 3 already. His next confirmed film is Thor 3.

Benedict Cumberbact – Doctor Strange: 1+

Cumberbact’s contract is for multiple pictures, but we don’t know how many. He is confirmed for his own film.

Benicio Del Toro – The Collector: ?

Del Toro reportedly signed a multiple-picture deal, but we don’t know how many.

Stellan Skarsgård – Erik Selvig: 2

Skarsgård signed a 5 picture movie deal. He has appeared in 4 already. He is assumed to be in Thor 3, fulfilling his obligations.

Natalie Portman – Jane Foster: 1

Portman signed on for 3 Thor films. She has fulfilled 2 of them. She has expressed specific interest in not returning after that.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Pepper Potts 0

Paltrow’s contract was originally 3 movies long. She signed on additionally for the Avengers. Her contract has been fulfilled. It’s unclear if she will return or not.

Now many people would attempt to use this information to find out who is likely to die in coming movies. This is a flawed approach, but it’s possible to attempt.

Unforunately, as we get farther away from the established big names, we see less and less hard information. We simply don’t know a couple contracts and we have rough ideas of others. This is what we know for sure. As for the rest, only time will tell.


10 responses to “Contract Lengths for Marvel Actors

  1. Thank you for that.
    Looking at this, the third Avengers movie has to be the fight against Thanos. If he is the “end boss”, he has to face off Ironman and Captain America at least once. And hopefully Loki will be in this one, too (I have this idea that for this fight, he will team up with the Avengers to get rid of Thanos once an for all).
    Too bad about the Cap, though. He is my favourite Avenger by far.

    • Many people would say that Avengers 3 would have to be Civil War, as this will be the last time Iron Man and Cap will share screen for a long time. I would speculate that Thanos will be the end of the MCU, only because after him, where do you go? He will be built up for years and have a rather explosive finale. He would go up against Captain America (Bucky) and possibly Iron Patriot (Rhodey), as well as many others we have come to know. But that would be, in my opinion, years away.
      When Avengers came out, everyone thought Thanos would be Avengers 2. Marvel seems content to sit on that card of theirs for a long while, and I actually like that approach.

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    As Quicksilver is still dead at the end of Avengers 2 does this confirm his return or not? They said multiple but have technically appeared in 2 so far if you include the end credit scene of Cap 2. I really hope he does return but his contract is not a specific length which is frustrating as I enjoyed his relationship with Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye.

    • I have not yet seen the film. I’ll get back to you when I do, but it’s not yet released here in the US (and I’m not going to pirate it).

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  5. Hello! Do you have a source that says that Pietro Maximoff will be back for more movies? I’m finding conflicting information about him.

    • Joss Whedon said that he released false information about a three picture contract for him to dissuade predictors. He is not expected to return.

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