The Deadpool Rating Debate


For as long as rumors have endured about the possibility of a Deadpool movie, there has been the question of rating. Deadpool is a very violent character and profane, sporting many different story arcs within the Marvel MAX comic books, sort of the R-rated Marvel comics. Recently, there was announcement that the first script is for a PG-13 movie, causing many fans of Deadpool to cry out.

Many purists would argue that blood, gore, language, and sex are very necessary to the character. They embody his care-free personality. As the rumor goes, it was the question of whether an R-rated comic book movie would be accepted that postponed the Deadpool movie for so long.

Others would say that a Deadpool movie can be PG-13, as almost every Marvel movie to date has been (with the notable exceptions of Blade and the Punisher movies). They point to things such as the Deadpool episode of Ultimate Spiderman, which was very popular, as proof that Deadpool can be both clean and Deadpool in nature.

It’s true that Deadpool loves violence. During the Civil War, he was hired by the Government to track down hidden heroes. During the Civil War, he saw only opportunities to attack heroes, accidentally attacking the side that he had been paid for. Deadpool is not one of high ideals. He is one of Deadpool ideas. And frankly, Deadpool likes the punch things and eat pancakes, in that order.


So can a Deadpool movie be PG-13 without sacrificing the character? I believe it could be. The test-footage released by Fox proved that pools of blood were not necessary to the easily recognizable character. The footage may have straddled the line between PG-13 and R, with severed heads and Gwen Stefanie, but the quoted and loved parts of the footage were not those that featured heavy content.

Would the Deadpool movie be better with an R rating? When people think Deadpool, they first thing of the fourth-wall breaking and the quick remarks. Many who have read his comics then think of the content. Deadpool is known as the one who is consistently censored on what he says. Frankly, many fans of Deadpool like him for his immorality.

Personally, I can see both sides of the argument, so let’s take a look at the financial aspects involved. Parents have had no problem taking their children to see PG-13 superhero movies. The Avengers, X-men, and Spider-man have all been seen by adults and kids alike. Deadpool was now on a kids TV show with Ultimate Spiderman, so the kids are exposed to him as a character. I believe they will come and see the movie, if the movie is PG-13. Making the movie R will lose many of the underage incoming cash.

Meanwhile, making the movie PG-13 may turn off some fans of Deadpool, but a good first trailer would bring them back. Anyone who is a fan enough of Deadpool to care about the rating is fan enough to be won over by Deadpool-like activity. Financially, I think a PG-13 rating makes the most sense.

This is literally a debate that has gone on for years. This is by no means a comprehensive approach to it, but this is the big ideas and arguments on either side. Personally, I will see the movie no matter what, as will many people, but the rating does say something. If the movie is R, and it is successful, it will reopen the door to many R-rated superhero movies. The MCU and the Spider-verse would not be likely to change, but Fox and DC would be next in heading up darker, more content-filled movies.


What do you think? Should the movie be PG-13 or R? I really would love to hear your opinions. Sound off in the comments and share with me on this poll:

As for what the studio decides, only time will tell.

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