Hawkeye Reveals Contract Length


Jeremy Renner has recently talked about how many movies he has signed on for! The actor plays Hawkeye, a character who is predicted consistently to die for Avengers 2. Now, seeing his contract, that’s probably not going to happen. Renner is signed on for Avengers 1-3, as well as one solo Hawkeye film, in case the studio wanted to do that.

Before we start to get excited about a solo film, this is the first we have heard about it. He signed on this contract before his cameo in Thor, so that was a long time ago. It’s long enough ago that I don’t believe it will actually happen.

It’s possible that Scarlet Johansen signed a similar contract, with a clause for a possible solo movie. She has been pushing for a solo movie for herself. With the route that the movies are going, however, I doubt that the movies will eventually go that way. It may happen during phase 3 or phase 4, but it’s yet to be determined.

For the rest of the contracts have been summarized here. I modified the article now to incorporate this new information.

So will we see a solo Hawkeye movie? What do you think? Sound off in the comments, but only time will tell.


One response to “Hawkeye Reveals Contract Length

  1. Don’t see it happening at the moment (not with so many other characters lining up for their own…I think the change to get a Black Widow one is higher than getting a Hawkeye one), but time will tell.

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