Set Photos of Doctor Strange

We recently got our first looks of the set of Doctor Strange. While we don’t yet see Strange in his full get-up, we do get some good looks at Baron Mordo and some Benedict Cumberbatch facial hair. Check them out:


Take note of the cloth on his hands.


A very Napal-looking set.


A pretty good look at Baron Mordo. For point of reference to comics, here is a look at one of Mordo’s costumes from the comics (they all look pretty similar, depending on the artist and era):


I think these set pictures confirm some very interesting things. There is at least some element of origin story involved, as judged by the Napal sets and Doctor Strange’s apparent bandages. Baron Mordo looks great and I am thrilled to see him in action. It’s unclear the extent of the origin story, but we will at least see some of it in action. As for the rumors of The Oath, the course of the film, and the thousands of other questions we have of Doctor Strange, only time will tell.


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