Ant-Man Fiasco Ends With A Director


I have waited on reporting this news for a couple days, just to be sure that it was not about to change. Ant-man seems to have actually found a lasting director. After Edgar Wright, numerous directors have stepped in and out of the spotlight, and Marvel seemed to have exhausted all big name comedy directors in the search.

Finally, we appear to have a new director. Peyton Reed, director of movies such as Yes Man and The Breakup, as well as Bring It On and The Weird Al Show, has signed on to direct Ant-Man, still scheduled for next year’s release.

Although his record is not as impressive as previous directorial choices, I am interested to see what this movie will be like. With so many directors attached, then detached again, I have to wonder what’s going on. Is the script bad? Does Marvel want it done in a weird way? I am worried, but only time will tell.


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