Guardians of the Galaxy: Post Credits


Marvel hasn’t done that great of a job about keeping tight lips on their post credits scenes. The post credits for Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and Captain America 2 were all leaked before the movie itself actually came out. Usually it’s someone inside Marvel looking for a quick buck.

For Guardians of the Galaxy, however, we don’t quite know yet. I am keeping my ear close to the ground, looking for some news, but it hasn’t come yet.

During my time scouring the internet, looking for news, I have found just one theory and just one hint at possible news: Nova.


I’ve beat this drum before. I love and adore Richard Ryder, more known as Nova. The dude it just cool. Undoubtably, his world will be established by Guardians of the Galaxy. Romman Dey, the Nova Officer who gives Ryder his abilities, is already featured in the movie. Nova Prime is played by Glenn Close.

But that’s all just speculation. The interesting part comes with some mysterious sources within Marvel. Take this all with a New York-sized grain of salt, but they are reporting a possible Nova post-credits sequence.

Would I be reporting this if Nova wasn’t my home boy? Probably not. Is this guaranteed reliable information? Absolutely not. But will Nova grace the screen in the post credits? Only time will tell.


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