Daredevil Casts the Kingpin


Marvel has officially announced that the upcoming Daredevil TV series, including the Defenders TV miniseries, has cast its Kingpin. Vincent D’Onofrio, mostly known for his work in Law and Order: Criminal Intent, will play the character, who is presumably one of the larger villains in the show… no pun intended.

The Kingpin has been a nemesis of numerous Marvel heroes, although he does seem to have a special place in his heart for the Man Without Fear. At one point, after finding out Daredevil’s identity, the Kingpin tore apart Matt Murdock’s life piece by piece, in one of the greatest Daredevil story arcs published.

Personally, I am excited. Unfortunately, the Kingpin has always been more of a mental villain than a combative one. He has fought, but I see the need for another villain. Would it be too similar to the 2003 movie to hope for a Bullseye in the upcoming TV show? Only time will tell.


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