Potential Villains for the Defenders

Yes, Vincent D’Onofrio has been cast as the Kingpin within the Defenders TV shows. Of course, there never is just one villain in superhero TV shows. Often times, the show will resort to “villain of the week” scenarios (examples: Smallville, Arrow, and the first half of Agents of SHIELD).

There is a precident for this, as well. The comics, especially the older comics, were very much “villain of the issue” comics. Continuous stories were not popular until later. So who may we see as a villain for an episode or two of any of the four TV series?

The Purple Man


Hear me out. In the comics, the Purple Man had a chemical accident and found himself with the ability to control those around him. Yes, his skin was also tinted purple in the accident. But with the MCU’s emphasis on practical science in light of classic characters, I could see some form of The Purple Man being played on screen.

The Organizer


Specifically a Daredevil villain, the Organizer was the focus of a mystery two-issue event in Daredevil’s early days. He was a member of a political party who donned a mask and attempted to take over the party by hiring out smaller criminals. He needs no explanation of abilities and can be done quite well in a modern world.

The Wrecking Crew


A team of villains who have various forms of superstrength, the Wrecking Crew would be easy to do for on-screen. As for origin, the comics place the origin of their abilities in the Asguardian camp. The TV show could follow this, or even link their abilities to Chitauri weaponry. It’s a very possible route.

The Punisher


The rights to Frank Castle, AKA the Punisher, have returned to Disney. Disney is free to make a movie or TV as they see fit for the Skull-wearing killer. The Defenders TV show is a perfect place for him to make an entrance. If it went well, the Punisher could be a recurring character, or even have a TV show for himself.

The wonderful thing about combining four long-running characters into one TV show is that Marvel literally has decades of ideas to pull from. They can take from any of these characters or literally hundreds of others. Truthfully, these are some ideas, but only time will tell.

Check back tomorrow for a lot of news on Ant-Man.


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