Guardians of the Galaxy & Thanos


Going into Guardians of the Galaxy, my biggest excitement was revolving around Thanos. Fans have been speculating about the Mad Titan since his appearance at the end of The Avengers. Now, we have seen more than three seconds of screen time for Thanos. More specifically, two scenes with him and Ronan. So how did our first taste of Thanos go?

Well, for my part, I was a little underwhelmed. At various points throughout the movie, he was referred to as the “most powerful person in the Universe”, but that didn’t translate to his on-screen persona. Both times he was on screen, he was being openly defied by Ronan. Thanos made some threats, but did little more than sit on his big chair.

Ronan was definitely the chief villain to be focusing on, but I would have appreciated a little more reason to fear Thanos. As it is, we know his personal assistant was slaughtered, but Thanos did nothing about it.

Yes, he tortured and trained his daughters, but both seemed very open to the prospect of leaving daddy. There was no fear of retribution from either daughter.

I trust Marvel to build a villain slowly over time, but I was personally underwhelmed with how Thanos was represented in Guardians of the Galaxy. I do not fear him, no have I been given reason to fear him. As for when and how we will see him next, only time will tell.

Check back tomorrow for a couple ideas for villains for The Defenders.


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