Thor: Ragnarok – Everything We Know


In light of the announcement of Phase 3 movies, I have decided to write about an announced movie every day. I have written about Ant-Man, Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and today is Thor: Ragnarok.

I called this, by the way. Back as far as Thor: The Dark World, I said that the end of the movie perfectly set up for the Ragnarok storyline. Warning, spoilers for The Dark World will follow.

In the comics, Ragnarok signals the end of Asgard as a whole. The storyline begins with Loki taking the throne (sound familiar). In short, at the end of the storyine, Thor sees that greater beings were allowing Asgard to be created and destroyed continuously for their own amusement. Thor decides to destroy Asgard in its entirety to prevent them from being humiliated. Thor dies in the event, along with the rest of his species.


During the Civil War, which took place after Ragnarok, Tony Stark cloned Thor to fight for the Registration side. The clone was killed by Hercules (yes, of the Greek Gods. He exists similarly to Thor is the Marvel Universe) in the final battle of the war. Thor returned later and reprimanded Tony for cloning him. After his return, he rebuilt Asgard on Earth in Oklahoma, where it was later destroyed again by Norman Osborn.

Thor: Ragnarok will likely be focused mostly on the destruction of Asgard, possibly by Loki’s hand. You can bet Jane Foster and her crew to return, although I’m not sure how that will factor into the storyline. You can also expect most Asgardians to return, such as Lady Sif and the Warriors Three, Heimdeil, Loki, and Odin.

Heimdeil actor, Idris Elba, recently said that he and Tom Hiddleston shot a scene for Age of Ultron. Somehow, we will see more of Loki and Heimdeil before Thor 3, although it’s unclear in what respect.


This movie, like most others in phase 3, will be moving the grand MCU towards Avengers 3, Infinity Wars. That means that the infinity gem residing in Asgard will be likely moved into possession of Thanos, or someone close to Thanos. Now this is presuming a lot at the moment, but my prediction is that the post-credits scene will see the ruins of Asgard, with the Tesseract sitting in the rubble, waiting to be picked up. Once again, early for such a prediction, but the Infinity Stones will likely be moved into position throughout Phase 3.

There is also the question of the villain. Loki will very obviously be in it, but will we see any other villains? I definitely think that Malekeith was underwhelming in Thor 2, not because of the acting of Christopher Eccelson (my favorite Doctor, by the way), but more because of the emphasis on Loki. Malekeith was pushed to the side, unfortunately. I’m wondering if Thor 3 will even bother with another villain. Perhaps they will simply decide to focus on Loki, which I think would be the best choice.

Thor: Ragnarok is one of the ones that I am most excited to see. It’s the climax of fifty years of Thor storylines, and personally I think it’s a very fitting conclusion to the Thor movies. My big question is the fate of Thor. In the comics, he does temporarily die. Will they kill him in the movies? Perhaps only time will tell.


2 responses to “Thor: Ragnarok – Everything We Know

  1. I still would have preferred a loki movie beforehand…one which shows what he is up to during his time as king. Oh well…there is always fanfiction…

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