Is Iron Fist in trouble? Moon Knight show?

The Defenders build-up in Marvel was originally set to include Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Over the past year, I have been reading a lot of Iron Fist and the character has grown to be one of my favorites in all Marvel. The fact that his show was set to emerge last in the Netflix order only succeeded in building anticipation for me. Now, however, it appears like my wait may be longer than I ever thought.

The Fist in Danger


For the past couple months, there has been rumors that Iron Fist’s show is in trouble. The studio evidently wasn’t sure how to include some of the more mystical elements into the show, perhaps including the Chi of the dragon Shou-Lao, a city that only appears once ever ten years, and more mystical villains that the Fist tends to come across.

There was plenty of build-up towards his show in Daredevil season one, with Madame Gao hinting at K’un Lun and the Steel Serpent heroine running across the street. The fact that we have not had a Daniel Rand cast, however, lends credence to the rumors that maybe Marvel is having second thoughts.

Moon Knight


There have also been rumors of a Moon Knight television show soon to be announced. This is a character that fans have been asking for over the past years, basically since the Defenders were announced. My fear is that Moon Knight is being set up as a replacement for Iron Fist, if Marvel decided against pursuing the Fist at all.

This show would focus more on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, instead of the mountains of China where Iron Fist would likely need to take place. It would involve more mental illness, a more fallible character, and even the Batman-esk character that many have come to love in the superhero genre.

The Caged Fist


It is possible, even probable, that even if Iron Fist didn’t get his own show, he would be folded into the Luke Cage show. There were rumors earlier this year that the show was searching for a twenty-something actor who is set to inherit his father’s company. Many point to this as Daniel Rand, who does inherit his father’s company.

If Fist were downgraded to a supporting character, however, I worry that the character would be robbed of any chance of his own show, therefore abandoning some of the richest stories in the mystical rhealms of Marvel.

Everyone but Daniel


Within Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, we already have cast almost every character but Iron Fist himself. Misty Knight (Danny’s love interest), Detective Scarfe (Danny’s cop buddy), and even Jeryn Hogarth (Danny’s lawyer) have all been cast in one of the two shows, some even both. The stage has been set for Daniel Rand, but will the studio get cold feet?

What do you think? Are the rumors to be believed? Or would you even want to see Iron Fist on screen?

There are a couple things to look for that could give us further indicators on the state of show. The first is obviously any announcements claiming that Iron Fist is cancelled, or any rebutting of rumors that it won’t be. The second is any official words on the Moon Knight show, which I am convinced is connected to Iron Fist, because it’s connected to the Defenders. The third is any casting of Danny Rand himself, the Iron Fist. Keep an eye out for any of these three.

While I can hope and pray for the fate of my favorite character’s show, for now only time will tell.


2 responses to “Is Iron Fist in trouble? Moon Knight show?

  1. It’s really funny….
    This is how the rumour developed: First a website of questionable reputation posted a list of shows which were supposedly considered for Netflix…a list, which included Spider-woman, Blade and Moon Knight, and read more like the wishes of some fan. Apparently most names on this list were considered unlikely, but it added fire to the fuel of those who would consider Moon Knight a believable option. Suddenly a lot of websites were discussing why moon knight is that interesting. Then Umberto Gonzales said on Collider Heroes that he read rumors about Moon knight, which then got reported even further, quoting him is a source. The fact aside that he is a very questionable source on the best days, in this case he wasn’t even the source, he just repeated what was already in the rumour mill, with no source whatsoever behind it.
    I wouldn’t worry too much about Iron Fist just yet. There are still two years to go before his show has a chance to hit the web.

    • I appreciate the source criticism greatly. I still worry about the Iron Fist endangerment rumors, however, only because of their consistency over the past couple months. Once the Fist is cast, I’ll feel much better.

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