Ant-Man comes out tomorrow!


The next installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe arrives tomorrow. Already, Ant-Man is being seen as the forgotten Marvel movie, lacking any of the hype that its counterpart movies have experienced. The post-credits scene has been leaked online, but I have avoided seeing it for the sake of my own enjoyment of the film.

You can expect both a spoiler and a spoiler-free review by the end of the weekend, just like most Marvel movies that come out. I will also take a quick look at how the audiences responded to Ant-Man, comparing its numbers to other solo films that Marvel has produced.

Personally, I say go see it in theaters. It looks fun, and undoubtably it will give us something to talk about in the coming days. As for the audience reactions, box-office numbers, or the quality of the film, only time will tell.


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