Comic-Con reveals Deadpool Trailer


For those of you not engrained in the nerd culture of today, you may not know that this week is Comic-Con San Diego, the biggest Comic Convention of the year where the most reveals happen. In all fairness, DC did well for publicity this week, with reveals for both their cinematic and television universes. Following this up, however, was the panel for Fox’s Marvel films. Most notably, the fans got their first glance at a Deadpool trailer.

Whereas most of the time, such as with the original Ant-Man footage, the studio does their best to prevent recording of the material, but someone inevitably leaks a little of it onto the internet anyways. This is what we have with the trailer: a phone recording of a screen showing the trailer.

I debated posting the trailer at all. I already have one strike for copyright violations, specifically with Fox. In the end, however, I say that if you could find it out there on your own, you should be able to find it here on my website too. So here is the trailer:

Obviously some of the most exciting things we have seen include the breaking of the fourth wall, the true-to-comic origin story, and the appearance of Colossus. I look forward to debuting the trailer in high quality whenever Fox realizes that it would be in their best interest to show the world in the best quality possible. As for when that is, only time will tell.


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