Secret Warriors Confirmed for Agents of SHIELD

A fourth team of super-individuals will be assembling in the MCU. A few days ago, it was confirmed that Agents of SHIELD will feature the Secret Warriors. This was, of course, heavily alluded to at the end of Season 2, with talks of starting a new team of super-powered individuals, but unlike the Avengers, they needed to be… you guessed it… secret.

So who exactly are the Secret Warriors in the comics?


In order to understand their origin, it’s necessary to understand the Secret War of Nick Fury. Fury decided to launch an illegal war, using a few superheroes who owed him favors, to undermine the nation of Latveria. This decision eventually blew up in the press and led to Nick Fury being outed from SHIELD. From then on, he lived as a ghost, still trying to protect the world, but no longer having the means of SHIELD behind him.

A few years later (real time, not comic time), it was discovered that Alien Shapeshifters, known as Skrulls, were invading the world and replacing heroes. Fury went to one of his allies of the Secret War, Quake (or, in AoS, Skye), and recruited her for a new team. The thinking was that if Skrulls were replacing the big names or those in influence, it would be beneficial to find the superpowered individuals who either didn’t know they had powers, or weren’t doing anything about them. These were less likely to be Skrulls.

Such a team included basically the children of different characters. The son of the Absorbing Man, the daughter of Griffin, the son of Doctor Druid, the son of the original Ghost Rider, and the son of Ares (God of War), as well as a shape-shifter who was not a Skrull. When you add on Quake, daughter of Mr. Hyde, it is something of a “New Generation” team.

It was this team that was assembled during the Secret Invasion that became known as the Secret Warriors.

So what can we expect on Agents of SHIELD?


It would be easy to jump to the conclusion that this team means we will see a Secret Invasion on screen. I severely doubt that for the moment. I think we saw a version of the Secret Invasion in the Hydra Invasion, which still had the impact of destroying SHIELD.

I don’t think we will see the original team, either. Most of the characters are related to characters that haven’t even been introduced yet in the MCU (Ghost Rider, Ares, Druid, and Griffin was only barely mentioned in Season 1 of AoS). I think we will see certain characters on the team from other comics, similar to how Mockingbird and Quake have been introduced. These lower characters that, frankly, shouldn’t be expected to be featured in the movies, would be a perfect inclusion to the TV Show. As for specific names, there are really too many to guess at. I’m sure some jump to your mind as you read.

Something else to note about this superhero team:

This team is the newest comic adaptation yet.


The Secret Warriors assembled in 2008 during the Secret Invasion. Also in 2008, the movie Iron Man came out, beginning the MCU. When seen in this light, this is an incredibly new team in the comics. This team takes the record as the newest comic-to-screen material, formerly held by Jessica Jones.

The MCU is doing a wonderful job of taking elements from both past comics and modern comics and blending them together in a believable way.

Of course, as for the roster of the team and how true to comics any of it is, only time will tell.


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