Spider-Man confirmed for Civil War


Less than 24 hours after I proclaimed a warning to not assume that Spider-Man would be in Civil War, Kevin Feige came out and said that yes, Spider-Man will be in Civil War. The roll was filled yesterday by Tom Holland. Our first appearance of the wall-crawler will be in Captain America: Civil War.

The difficult thing regarding Spider-Man in the Civil War is that the comic precedent, if followed, would undermine any original series based on the character. Let me explain.

Forty years after Spider-Man was introduced in Marvel comics, Peter Parker unveiled himself to the world, telling everyone who he was under the mask. He was out of high school, out of college, and in the middle of a legitimate job at the time. Many people are familiar with Spider-Man being in the film due to his unveiling and subsequent switching sides. The decision to reveal himself was later even changed by a reality shift by the demon Mephisto.

In short, Spider-Man cannot reveal his identity in Civil War if the movies are to be any resemblance of the character in the comics. His secret identity and double life is an intricate part of Spider-Man’s story. To reveal his identity before even his first movie would be a fundamental shift to the character as a whole.

That being said, yes he will be in the flim. We don’t know in what manner yet. Civil War is already filming. For now, only time will tell.


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