Punisher Now, Who Next?

With the introduction of the Punisher to the MCU through the form of the Defenders Netflix TV shows, there have been a plethora of fans demanding other characters. While the decision to include the Punisher may not have been solely due to the demand from fans, there certainly is some weight to the opinion of fans when thinking through what comes next.

So the fans, having had one of their wishes fulfilled, have reiterated some of their other wishes for Netflix series for some of their favorites.

Who do the fans want next in the Defenders? Well I’ve heard three names repeatedly.

Moon Knight


Of course, this character has been on just about every Defenders-related list in recent memory. Moon Knight is not just one alter-ego, but has multiple personalities at war inside his head. Sometimes he is the Bruce-Wayne-ish billionaire, sometimes he is a cab driver, and sometimes he is a little girl. Through all of this, Moon Knight represents a very unstable hero.

Unfortunately, Moon Knight has never really found a long-lasting comic series that was popular with fans as a whole, but over the years has developed a strong fan base. Alongside heroes like Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Daredevil, Moon Knight is basically a shoe-in. He has guest-starred alongside these three heroes in the past anyways.

Despite being a name from the beginning, Marvel has made no indication that we may ever see a Moon Knight series or even Moon Knight in a series at all. Aside from a brief easter egg in a forgotten Blade TV series, we may never see him on screen.

Speaking of Blade…



You may remember Blade as the first superhero movie in the line of films that extends even to today. After Batman and Robin killed the Superhero genre, it was Blade that first came back to it, even before X-men and Spider-Man. After three films in around the turn of the century and that forgotten Spike TV series, Blade faded back into the memory of fans. The rights have since reverted back to Marvel, much like many other characters. Now, fans are looking at the dark Netflix series and saying, “The badass with a sword would fit pretty well here”.

Blade is a vampire hunter, basically. When his mother was giving birth, she was bit by a vampire. This made Blade a sort of half-breed, with all of the vampires’ powers, but none of the weaknesses, except the thirst. Blade made a synthetic formula to quench the vampire thirst and keep himself under control.

While yes, if Blade were ever introduced, it would be through the Netflix shows, I don’t think the MCU is quite ready for the vampire sub-culture that would come along with him. By including Blade in the shows, it would imply that the entire time the Avengers have been fighting aliens in New York or Cap was bringing down SHIELD, there were vampires living right along side them. I don’t think they’ll go that route.

Ghost Rider


Johnny Blaze, the Spirit of Vengeance known as Ghost Rider, may be familiar to most through the Nicholas Cage films that should never have been made. The films were often laughable and are not some of the better Marvel movies released in recent memory, but that is not to mar the character himself.

Ghost Rider is easily one of the most naturally BA characters in Marvel. As a demon rebelling against the devil, while riding a flaming motorcycle, Ghost Rider has had a loyal following for many years. He is not only one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, but one of the most feared. Frankly, can you blame anyone for being afraid of him? He looks terrifying.

Fans have been dropping his name around the Netflix shows. While the MCU is preparing to go more of a spiritual-oriented direction with Doctor Strange, I wonder if we’ll ever see the character, who is so tainted by the Nicholas Cageness that he might not be taken seriously. It would take a truly brilliant actor to hit the perfect notes of horror, pain, and desperation that Johnny Blaze would feel as the Spirit of Vengeance.

These are the three big names that I hear consistently regarding the Netflix series. I dare say that the Defenders neighborhood of the MCU may quickly become just as popular as the Avengers neighborhood, with good reason. Of course, none of these three have been given any actual indication by Marvel, but for now only time will tell.


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