The New Mutants Movie Announced – Who are they?


Recently, Fox announced that director Josh Boone has been signed on to direct a “New Mutants” movie. Boone has previously been known for “Fault in our Stars”, which was his second directorial outing. Now, he will be making his own addition to the X-Verse.

Who exactly are the New Mutants? Well, Marvel has a long history of taking one group, revamping them, and putting “New” in front of them. This happens with the New Warriors, New Mutants, and most famously, the New Avengers. In fact, the revamp of the entire Marvel Universe is being called the “All New, All Different” Marvel. There is no original team called the “Mutants” for the team to revamp. Rather, the “Old Mutants” were the X-men.

In short, Professor X believed his team of X-men to be dead. He began again with a new set of mutants, all of whom were basically teenagers like the first team was, to further his cause of Mutant equality. Basically, they were another attempt at the X-men.

A big thing in the X-men comics at the time was promoting diversity to make the stories more interesting.This can be easily seen in the second incarnation of the X-men, which introduced Wolverine (Canadian), Colossus (Russian), Nightcrawler (German), Banshee (Irish), and Storm (African). The New Mutants followed a similar route of having a diverse roster to make for a more interesting team dynamic.


Basically, you’ve probably never heard of any of the mutants that were in the roster. At the time, the roster included

  • Karma – a Vietnamese female mutantwho could “possess” others’ bodies. She was the original leader.
  • Cannonball – a Kentuckian male mutant cannonball that could hurtle himself through the air.
  • Sunspot – a Brazilian male mutant who has fire abilities.
  • Mirage – a Native American female mutant who can create illusions.
  • Wolfsbane – a Scottish mutant who transforms into a werewolf, basically.

There were other incarnations of the team with different rosters, but this was the original team. Also, once the X-men returned to the land of the living, the New Mutants became more of a “Young X-men” type of team, focusing on their adolescence and carrying on alongside the X-men.

Interestingly, we have already seen only one of the characters on screen. Sunspot was featured in Days of Future Past as one of the mutants fighting sentinels in the future.


What does this mean for the direction of the X-verse? Well, the way I see it, there are three possible explanations:

1. Complementary Teams

This could be running alongside the X-men movies, perhaps sharing storylines or simply existing within the same Universe. This would look a lot like the MCU approach, with the Defenders and the Guardians existing alongside the Avengers. I think this approach is the most likely.

2. Replacement Team

We could see the end of the X-men and have the New Mutants step into the fold. With the movie posed to come out after X-men Apocalypse, it’s possible that Apocalypse really is the end of the X-men and the New Mutants will step up to the fill the void. I think this is highly unlikely, only because it would involve killing the cash cow of the X-men in favor of a team no one knows about.

3. Secondary Universe

It’s possible that this team provides a new Universe for the Fox properties. This is only considered because Sunspot was old in Days of Future Past, so he would have to be very young in New Mutants if they were in the same Universe (unless that Sunspot was happily swept under a rug, which don’t doubt it could happen). It’s also possible that this team would exist in the Fantastic Four Universe, which is also owned by Fox. Basically, this would avoid the troubles of dealing with X-men’s time hopping between decades, which could be hard to create a movie alongside.

What do you think? Are you excited for The New Mutants? Or is it too early for anything but time to tell?


One response to “The New Mutants Movie Announced – Who are they?

  1. Sunspot’s power, initially, was to absorb sunlight, and convert it into super-strength. Mirage could, more specifically, create the illusion of a person’s most desired dream, or worst nightmare, but could communicate telepathically with *all* animals, including Wolfsbane when she was in wolf form.

    So… yeah, I’ve been ready for this movie for thirty years. 😀

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