Civil War – Loyalty Analysis

With Captain America: Civil War less than a year away, many have already begun to speculate on how the sides will shape up. Back when we thought Avengers 3 was going to be Civil War, I did a similar piece to this, where I looked at how the Avengers would shape up on either side. Now, we can look again now that we have a basically complete cast of characters for the film.

The characters to look at include:

  • Captain America
  • Iron Man
  • Hawkeye
  • Black Widow
  • War Machine
  • Falcon
  • Vision
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Ant-Man
  • Black Panther

Even just looking at this list, the film has as many heroes, if not more, than the latest Avengers film. This is going to be big.

Captain America & Iron Man


Obviously Captain America will be anti-registration and Iron Man will be pro-registration. I won’t go too far into why they side with each other, because frankly there’s no need for this article. The other ones are the ones that are interesting.

Hawkeye – Registration


Hawkeye is tricky. He has loyalties specifically to SHIELD, who enabled him to keep a family under wraps for a long time. SHIELD was basically the beginning of registration, especially when considering things such as the index. Because of his SHIELD history, I will say that Hawkeye will end up on the side of Registration.

Black Widow – Unclear


If anyone has a foot on both sides, it’s Black Widow. A complicated character, Widow comes from the same background of SHIELD that Hawkeye came from, but unlike Hawkeye, Widow was personally involved in the destruction of SHIELD. She has spent personal time with both Cap and Iron Man, but the time was likely more personal with Cap than Iron Man. Her loyalties are to Nick Fury often, but he is strangely absent from this film. It would not be a stretch to see her fall in either of the sides of the war, and with her spy background, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her as a spy for one side or the other (both sides in the comics had spies).

War Machine – Registration


War Machine will be a tough pill for Cap to swallow. Although a member of the New Avengers, obviously he has long-term ties to Iron Man. The synopsis seems to indicate that the Avengers screw up to cause registration, so War Machine would be involved in that. It would be a stretch to his loyalty as an Avenger, but I believe that War Machine will choose his friendship with Iron Man, and therefore Registration.

Falcon – Anti-Registration


Hands down, this is one of the easiest choices. Falcon has been loyal to Cap on screen. While he did serve in the military, he seems to agree wholeheartedly with Captain America’s views on freedom, especially during the downfall of SHIELD. Falcon will side against Registration.

Vision – Unclear


Vision is tricky as well. We haven’t seen enough of him on screen to adequately say where he would fall. I will say that Registration in the comics is viewed as an almost necessary evil, even by Iron Man. While those who hold the hammer would traditionally say that necessary evil is still evil, VIsion compromised already in his views of Ultron’s life. He was a champion of life who still chose to kill. There’s also the idea that he is partially Jarvis, therefore would feel some loyalty to Iron Man. He could realistically land on either side of Registration.

Scarlet Witch – Anti-Registration


This is an interesting one, because Scarlet Witch was wanted during the Civil War in the comics after destroying the Avengers and the whole House of M event. This time, we will get to see her choose a side. She will be anti-Registration, if for no other reason than Tony Stark. Aside from just her origin story with the Stark bomb, she consistently questioned Iron Man’s character throughout Age of Ultron. She won’t flip sides now. Expect her to be anti-Registration.

Ant-Man – Unclear


Frankly, at this point we know virtually nothing about Scott Lang. I am excited to see him go up alongside the Avengers so soon after his own film, but we don’t have a clue what that will look like so far. After Ant-Man we will have a better idea about what his character is like, but for now we don’t know much. He does appear to be anti-Corporate from the trailers, but will that translate to Anti-Tony? Or will he follow the other Ant-Man’s story in the comics and become a scientist for registration? For now, we have no clue.

Black Panther – Unclear


Also, we have not even seen Black Panther in the trailers. We know the actor and have concept art, but beyond that…nothing. In comics, Black Panther first attempted to use his own nation to stage a negotiation ground and end the war before it got too heated. When that failed, he eventually threw in with Cap. For now, we have no idea really what to expect.

I know that it’s a lot unclear, but frankly we are at an unclear point now. Once we begin to see trailers or even more set photos, we will have a better idea. For now, only time will tell.

Also, to see what I have predicted here, this is what the predictions boil down to at the moment:




One response to “Civil War – Loyalty Analysis

  1. It’s really interesting to me how the pro-Reg and anti-Reg sides focus just as much on personal loyalties as on actual personal opinionsof right and wrong. In some ways, it seems to be facing up as a Steve-vs-Tony popularity contest. I’m intrigued to see how thiswill be played put & addressed onscreen.

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