The Vision-Warlock Theory

One of my favorite parts of Age of Ultron was seeing the Vision step on screen. His coming was strange and not quite what we expected, but he stole the screen when he stole Thor’s Hammer and promises to have some major implications for the future of the MCU. That being said, there are those in the fan community, myself included, that believe that the Vision is more than simply the Vision, but actually the MCU’s version of Adam Warlock.

Long-time readers have heard me talk about Warlock before. Just about every time Thanos plagued the Earth, it was Warlock who finally put him down, including the famous Infinity Gauntlet storyline. With Thanos as the chief villain of Avengers 3, the big question was how close to the comics can we expect? I’m all for making original stories, but it’s reasonable to wonder if large elements will continue to exist into the films. The Vision seems to embody multiple characteristics of Adam Warlock. Let me show you what I mean.

Created to be Perfect


Adam Warlock was created by a figure in deep space to be the ultimate being of perfection. He then rebelled against his creator and went off to his own adventures. Similarly, Vision was created to be the surviving species on Earth after the Ultron Incident. He was created to be Ultron’s perfect body, but he too rebelled against his master.

This isn’t fool-proof evidence, but there’s more.

Champion of Life


This was a very subtle hint, but I still say a convincing one. During Thanos’ first life, he was viewed as the Champion of Death. This is well-known about him, as Thanos’ love interest with Death is what eventually drove him to erase half the life of the Universe. That being said, many do not know that Warlock was also chosen as a Champion of Life. That is why it was Warlock who consistently went up against Thanos. Although there was no embodiment of Life, Warlock was chosen due to his love for life.

In the same way, Age of Ultron made a point of Vision’s love for life. He viewed Ultron’s death as a necessity to continue the life of others. Although Vision does appreciate life in the comics, the film took it a step farther. I believe we are about to see Vision as the Champion of Life.

Once again, thin evidence. But there’s one very convincing one.

The Stone in the Forehead


While yes, in the comics, Vision did have a mark on his forehead that he was capable of shooting lasers out of, it was not an Infinity Stone. The only person in Marvel to wear an Infinity Stone in their forehead, was Adam Warlock. Warlock wore the Soul Gem in his head for a long time. It was this gem that Spider-Man eventually released him from to defeat Thanos the first time. It was this gem that would eventually end up in the Infinity Gauntlet.It’s a very odd move for Marvel to make if Vision is not related to Warlock. An infinity gem in the forehead screams Adam Warlock.So what?infinity-gauntlet-vision-diesSo what does that mean if Vision is related to Warlock? What can we expect on-screen? Basically, we can expect Vision to unite the forces against Thanos. Unlike Warlock, we have known Jarvis since the first film of the MCU. Now we have a living Vision of Jarvis. It’s a character that could be seen to be the hero of the MCU. He certainly has the fan-favoritism to do it after Age of Ultron.Of course, this begs the question of why we need uniting at all. The heroes of the MCU are pretty cohesive at the moment. The answer is pretty obvious: Civil War. This event is likely to tear apart the MCU’s cast of heroes. At the end of it, it is unlikely that everyone will merely hug it out. This dissolving of the Avengers would pave the way for the wide range of movies following Civil War and leading up to Avengers 3, Parts 1 and 2.So basically, I believe that after the Civil War, Vision will take the place of Warlock in uniting the Avengers to fight against Thanos. If this is before or after Thanos rips the stone from his forehead, well only time will tell.


3 responses to “The Vision-Warlock Theory

  1. Great post.
    I was writing some of the same stuff from my personal perspective last night.
    It will look as if I’ve ripped you off but it’s a case of greats minds thinking alike!
    I’ll post a link when the thing eventually goes up.
    Next up is a quick Nancy and Sluggo tribute!
    It was really amazing to see Vision done so well on screen.
    And for the record, I very much hope he doesn’t die.

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