Age of Ultron: The Spoiler Review

Avengers: Age of Ultron broke records this weekend with its big release. After waiting years to see the sequel to the best selling Marvel movie of all time, fans were treated with a mix of action, humor, and Marvel Magic. This review is intended for those who saw the film. I also wrote a non-Spoiler review for those who have not yet seen it.. which, to be fair, is a pretty small crowd at this point in the game.

The Avengers


In short, the Avengers themselves were set up well. While they didn’t explain many of the questions that I would have liked (why did Tony keep building suits? When did the Avengers reassemble?), there were a couple nods to previous movies, such as Falcon mentioning the “missing person case”.

Whereas Hulk was a scene-stealer last time around, he was not used much at all this time. He ended dramatically, but he was not focused on too much. Thor also dropped into the background. Aside from having a single vision, he was mostly there to hit people. His hammer even had a larger roll than he did.

Captain America felt like the team leader still, which I appreciate. He did well holding the team and holding his own. The team was still not used to the Cap from the past, as well. I appreciated the references to Cap saying, “Language” repeatedly. It made him still feel out of time.

Black Widow and Hawkeye were focused on much more, especially Hawkeye. I felt like this movie was almost an apology to fans for his lack of time on screen for the last couple years, even through Avengers. He was my second favorite character (I’ll get to that later), and I appreciated that. Black Widow also touched more on her backstory. She may not be getting her own movie, but she is getting plenty of origin story, which I like a lot.

Iron Man was undoubtedly the “Main Character” of the film. His faults were emphasized heavily, which likely will move us further towards the Civil War storyline. For the first time, Tony proved predictable. He was no longer the hero. We saw the most of Tony as a character. Personally, I wouldn’t have minded seeing some of his focus time distributed to the other Avengers, but it was necessary for Ultron.

Speaking of Ultron…

Ultron & Vision


While the character of Ultron was undoubtedly different from the comics, I loved the Tony humor in a robot voice. Ultron was truly a creation of Tony Stark, which I very much appreciated. I liked seeing his origin on screen and it didn’t feel as shoehorned as I had expected it. His evil plot was interesting and a nice different plan from many other evil villains.

Ultron was not without fault in plotholes (would Ultron really not leave at least one of himself behind just in case?), but he carried well as a villain. He lived up to his roll in this film, as a title character to the sequel of the Avengers.

As good as Ultron was, Vision was the screen-stealer. Although only appearing after halfway through the film, Vision was frankly incredible. He rocked the screen with his righteousness. I loved seeing him brought to life and I fully expect to see much more of him in the future.

I also have some theories regarding the Vision, but that’s for another time…

The Twins


The twins were well done. Working for Ultron was a nice replacement for the Brotherhood of Mutants from the comics. They worked well as reformed villains. I believed them as siblings and I didn’t mind their accents in the least.

Individually, they did a good job with Scarlet Witch’s powers. Her powers are hard to nail down and difficult to describe to a friend, but they worked well within the context of the film. I also think they set up well moving towards the Doctor Strange film.

Quicksilver was incredible. They did a great job with his speed and his character. He felt straight from the pages of the comics. Also, impressively, at no point in the film did I think of the Days of Future Past Quicksilver, which means they did well making him unique. Also, he died. Spoilers aside, that was an impressive way to throw off the audience, especially when portions of the film appeared to be setting up for Hawkeye’s death. I liked that they killed him.


The film was a solid sequel to the first Avengers. While not a masterpiece, it was enjoyable, well done, and marked an excellent addition to the MCU. It was a good one for Joss Whedon to go out on. As for the future of the MCU in the aftermath of Ultron, only time will tell.

5 responses to “Age of Ultron: The Spoiler Review

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  2. I normally would say that I liked AoU better than The Avengers because it dealt with more interesting themes despite it needed a little bit more time to really discuss all of them, but there is one thing which drags the movie down, and that’s the romance. I disagree with you. The whole romance was not about Natasha, because it actually made zero sense for her character. The whole thing was about Bruce, and it annoyed me to no end. It felt like they had transplanted Betty Ross into Black Widow’s body for those scenes to show something about Bruce and not really about her. It did both characters are great disservice Imho.

    • I agree. The love story did feel forced and I didn’t even feel like the characters fit together in any real way. Do you feel like Black Widow loses some of her credibility (for lack of a better word) by having a love interest at all? Or do you just dislike that it was Banner?

      • I think that if they write a romance for Black Widow, it should be about her, just like Tony/Pepper is in the end about Tony and Thor/Jane is about Thor. But putting her with Bruce, they made the whole romance about him. The only reason she fell in love with him story-wise was so that he had something to mope about. It diminished Natasha. But if you pair her up with someone like, let’s say, Falcon (I think those two had a great chemistry in Winter Soldier, they are roughly the same age and Sam, being used to working with Vets, would be exactly the right guy to understand her quirks), and make it about her giving love a chance, a romance can not only work, it would be a great theme to explore. But this romance was all about Bruce. Honestly, I would have rather had no real arc at all for her instead of this nonsense.

  3. Honestly, I disagree about the Bruce-Natasha romance. I liked what I saw on another fan review, where they pointed out that after the fall of SHIELD, Nat has had to rediscover herself. Every single cover of hers was blown, every lie revealed, and this was a chance for us to meet the real and honest Natasha Romanov.
    As for myself, I appreciated the chance to learn more about Nat’s past and Bruce’s inner battles while still seeing them in the context of the team. Nat knew how to appreciate the fact that Bruce felt like he was forcibly made into a monster, because she felt the same. At the same time, she was not [completely] doe-eyed over falling in love and we still got to see her in all her glorious badassery. I’m not saying the relationship is totally airtight, but I appreciate Marvel stepping out in ways that fans don’t expect. I also loved seeing Nat and Clint’s friendship in light of each of their romantic (I absolutely LOVED their conversation in the car suring the battle!).

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