First look at Nightcrawler

Today, we got our first look at Nightcrawler from X-men: Apocalypse. This is probably the X-men that I was most interested to see. I was curious if we would see any notable changes from the Nightcrawler from X2. As it is, there have not yet been any notable changes. Check out the pictures:


And from the side:


It looks basically the same as the X-men 2 Nightcrawler, although I suppose there’s not much else to do physically to make him different. I am curious to see the other characters. Each one presents its own questions:

Will Xavier be balding?

How will the timid Sansa be as Jean Gray?

What will Cyclops look like?

What about Apocalypse?

Each character presents their own unique set of unknowns, but for now only time will tell.

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