Animated Spider-Man Movie for 2018


You may have heard this through the week, but Sony has announced a Spider-Man Animated movie for 2018. We know almost nothing about it so far, which is fair because it was just announced, but it already demonstrates a desperation on Sony’s part to use the character is some way. With their Amazing Spider-Man series on stand-still until we see the MCU’s Spider-Man, they appear to be moving to do something with the character.

This is also basically the first big-budget animated superhero movie in theaters (possibly excluding Big Hero 6). As for now, we know nothing so questions are circulating. Is it going to be an origin movie. Will it have any connection to any Spider-man movie or TV show currently ongoing. Will it even gather an audience. Is another Spider-Man series really what the character needs right now. It’s year away, so only time will tell.


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