Apocalypse casts Archangel and confirms Horsemen

In a recent interview with Oscar Isaac, the actor who will play Apocalypse in X-men: Apocalypse, we learned a couple crucial bits of information.


First and foremost, we learned that Angel has been cast in the film. As one of the original X-men who frankly doesn’t get enough love, I have been mentioning Angel in several articles in the last year, such as “X-men that may be near“, “Big mutants that haven’t shown up yet“, and “Young Jean Grey and Cyclops cast“. There have been rumors for the last couple months of Angel appearing, but I hesitated on mentioning them for fear of my wishful thinking getting in the way.

Now, however, we have confirmation that Ben Hardy, known only for EastEnders, has been cast as Warren Worthington III, otherwise known as Angel. There has also been further confirmation that he will become Archangel in this film. In the comics, this meant his wings becoming laced with Adamantium. It was Apocalypse himself that caused this transformation, turning him into one of his personal villains.

Here is some of the concept art associated with Archangel that we have seen in recent months.



Also confirmed, most likely in a related way, are the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Although the post-credits scene of Days of Future Past saw four men on horses on a hill, we now have confirmation from Oscar Isaac that Apocalypse will choose four mutants to turn into his pawns. It’s very likely that Archangel will be one of these horsemen.

There is speculation that many of the smaller mutants that have recently been cast, such as Jubilee and Psylocke, are also going to be horsemen of Apocalypse, although this is merely speculation.

What do you think? Are you excited for Apocalypse yet? Who will be the horsemen? For now, only time will tell.


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