Daredevil renewed for season 2

Daredevil Balloon

With the wonderful reviews and the fans response, Daredevil has been signed on for a second season, even before the Defenders mini-series. The second season will be coming as soon as 2016, about a year from now. There are a few new show-runners being brought in to bring in the second wave, which will undoubtably be less of an origin story and get into more meat of the show.

Of course, with this news, there always comes speculation.

The biggest piece of speculation is the Elektra saga. Although in no way confirmed, it would make sense in the chronology of Daredevil to include the Elektra saga now. This would include introducing Elektra, the estranged love interest mentioned briefly in the college flashbacks, and probably introducing Bullseye, the primary combative villain of Daredevil. The saga was a turning point in Daredevil.


There are also plenty of build-up in the Hand, which was set up very well in the episode “Stick”. I will write more extensively about the Hand connection very soon, but in short they are a cult of assassins that have been hinted at a couple times in the course of the season. They, and the Black Sky individuals, will doubtlessly be expanded upon in future seasons.

There is also Karen Page’s relationships to consider. Although well established, Karen Page is destined for more than the pretty secretary. When she was left off, she was remorseful, but not connected in the way that I expected. That’s fine, it allows more time to build up a convincing relationship. It’s likely that this will continue in future seasons.

What do you think? Have you finished season 1? Will you watch season 2? I am very excited about this next season and I have many questions, but for now only time will tell.


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