John Ridley Backing Unknown Marvel Show

John Ridley, the producer of Twelve Years A Slave, has been signed on for a Marvel TV show on ABC. ABC is the company behind Agents of SHIELD. We don’t know what the show is, but there are some obvious speculations. It’s largely speculated that this will be closer to Agents of SHIELD than the Defenders, largely because of the network. This leaves a couple obvious candidates:



The Inhumans are being set up wonderfully in Agents of SHIELD. It could be interpreted as a spring-board for their own show, especially with characters such as Gordon being popular with the fans. This could lead up into the big Inhumans movie years away, but that seems a strangely large distance to bridge in a couple years while still making the show accessible to general audience. Also, it would be expensive to visualize the powers necessary on a reasonable budget.

It’s possible, but challenging.

Agents of Skye


There is the rumor that Skye (or other characters) will depart from Coulson’s team and go about their own journeys. This new show would follow those journeys and act very similar to the current show. Unfortunately, I don’t buy it. I see it as far too similar to the show that is currently going on, to the point where it would be redundant.

It’s technically possible, but don’t bet on it.

Other Super-Heroes


It’s possible we will see some form of superhero team-up on ABC, including the likes of Deathlok and Mockingbird. Agents of SHIELD has proven they have no quarrel introducing super-powered individuals outside the films. Some say this show will be a team-of of those characters already introduced and others from around the Marvel world. Unfortunately, this would be the third promised superhero team-up, alongside the Avengers and the Defenders. I think that idea wouldn’t be embraced for that reason alone.

It’s possible, but been there and done that.

What do you think? Is it too early to tell? What do you want it to be? Sound off in the comments, but for now only time will tell.


6 responses to “John Ridley Backing Unknown Marvel Show

  1. My money is on an Avengers Academy show. There are a bunch of characters from the ranks of the Young Avengers comics and Avengers Academy stories that they could pull from for a television show (plenty of young up-and-coming actors, too, that can work at television pay rates).

    Also, characters they can use as instructors (Fran Kranz hinted in a Twitter last year that he was cast as Robbie Baldwin/Speedball already, who’s been a teacher in the comics. Adrianne Palicki could be one and work on both shows. Christine Adams is a Whedon alum and the Ann Weaver character is already a SHIELD educator. All the cast of AoS could appear as such, really.)

    • I feel like Avengers Academy is a bit of a stretch. It would be hard to reconcile the academy with the Avengers introduced in the MCU. Also, people really don’t know the Avengers Academy. It’s an interesting theory, but I don’t see the evidence there.

  2. Also, I think the John Ridley written/produced show may be different than the AoS spin-off, as they keep mentioning that it’s based on an already existing Marvel character.

  3. Avengers Academy is a popular opinion…then there is the “Agents of SWORD” option….or they could spin-off Ward and his band of damaged misfits. Perhaps they have an even better idea no one thought of yet.
    In any case, I am glad that they are pushing forward with their ABC shows.

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