K’un Lun Reference in Daredevil

Although there were dozens of Easter Eggs in Marvel’s Daredevil, there is one that has particular interest to me moving forward into the Defenders show (and as an Iron Fist fan). Now, before we go further, I must signal the spoiler alert. While it won’t exactly ruin the end of the show if you read on, it will reveal the conclusion of one particular side character. Be warned.

The heroine produced by Madame Gao all had this particular symbol on it:


When I first saw this, I thought it looked vaguely like the Steel Serpent symbol, but I was hesitant, because I am a fan of Iron Fist, therefore I could simply be seeing it on wishful thinking. Take a look at the images next to each other, however:


Look at the head of the snake. It is exactly the same.

So what? Was this just a vague reference to the Steel Serpent? I don’t believe so. Madame Gao made a comment that she was going back to her homeland, which was much farther than just China. I am 90% certain that she is referring to K’un Lun, for a couple different reasons:

She is Chinese, yes. K’un Lun was in the mountains of China. Secondly, she delivered a powerful punch to Daredevil, which did almost more damage to him than any other fighter did. K’un Lun was a city that specializes in the study and art of hand-to-hand combat. Combined, her ethnicity, her martial arts, and the Steel Serpent symbol is too much to be coincidence.


What does this mean for Iron Fist? What’s the big deal? Well this does indicate something very important for the character. Madame Gao was returning home. The city of K’un Lun appears on Earth once every ten years. If Madame Gao has the ability to go back soon, that would mean that Iron Fist is coming out on the same day she is going in.

While it is likely two years until we see Iron Fist, it’s very interesting that we are already seeing K’un Lun referenced, and possibly even the villain of Iron Fist (although that could be predicting a little too much). For now, only time will tell.

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