MCU and X-men Join Forces


In a shocking move, Fox and Marvel have signed up for a crossover, combining their Universes beginning as early as Age of Ultron. This crossover is the second recombining of Universes in recent months, with Spider-Man being included in the MCU a few months ago.

The X-men Universe shift, which essentially began in Days of Future Past, will hereby include the MCU movies in “present day”. To further emphasize this, Hugh Jackman will reprise his roll as Wolverine in this summer’s Age of Ultron. The cast has been called in for emergency filming this week to film the reshoots necessary.

The character of Thanos will be combined with the character of Apocalypse, forming one coherent villain, which will next appear in Apocalypse. Although unconfirmed, it’s possible that the villain will die in Avengers 3: Part 1, leaving the main villain of the second movie to be Howard the Duck.


This storyline will be following along the famous story arc of Duckland, where Howard is possessed by a demon and builds a massive castle in Hell’s Kitchen.

There are also unconfirmed reports that Agent Grant Ward has actually been Deadpool all along. Next episode will show Ward being brutally disfigured and revealing mutant abilities.


Also, a new film has been announced for next Summer: Wolverine vs. Hulk. This storyline has been done in several different forms, such as a cartoon film, the primary universe, and the Ultimate universe. This will be the first film for a recast Wolverine. Hugh Jackman will give up his roll to Toby Maguire, who has signed a 25 picture deal with both Fox and Marvel.

Are you excited for the beginning of this crossover? What is your favorite of these future projects? For now, only time will tell.


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