Fantastic Four – Leaked Plot?


I truly do sympathize with the Fantastic Four reboot. The entire film has been tainted from the beginning due to the idea that it’s a reboot (that is not in the MCU) of a team that is not popular nowadays. Now, there is a synopsis online that has been “leaked”. There are not many credible sources for this, but they’re Marvel news.

In the past, I have had issues with Fox regarding copyright, so I will not post the text itself on this site. I will provide links for text “leaked information”. There are actually two different synopsizes, but they are similar.

Here is the link for synopsis 1.

Here is the link for synopsis 2.


Synopsis #1 is the one that is more widespread, but frankly the writing style makes me very hesitant about it. It is not written in the professional writing one would expect from within Fox (for example: Reed is pretty much Reed).

Synopsis #2 rings of more truth to me, but the amount of detail involved makes me wonder if it’s well-written fan-fiction or actually true.

Both synopsizes are extremely rooted in the Ultimate Fantastic Four storyline. As we get closer to the date, I will post a summary of the Ultimate Fantastic Four storyline that this is so rooted in.

As it is, what do you think? If this how the movie goes, would you wanna see it? Does this help or hurt your impression of the movie? As to the accuracy of this source, only time will tell.


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