Fantastic Four 2


The Fantastic Four is not out for another couple months, but already a sequel is on the books with Fox. Not only is it planned, but the release date is being shuffled alongside the other movies. Originally set for June 2, the film was moved back to June 9 2017 in response to Star Wars Episode 8 being set for May 26.

What does all this mean, exactly?

For one thing, it means that Fox is confident in their reboot. They’re not waiting out the box office to see what the response is. They are jumping headlong into #2. They are evidently assuming that The Fantastic Four reboot will be widely accepted by audiences. This could be because of the general Marvel phenomenon (although Amazing Spider-Man 2 seems to disprove this) or hopefully because they believe it’s a good movie.

Granted, it is years away, but there is already evidence for what story we could anticipate in this film. Fox has certain rights to certain characters that others do not.

Although dozens of characteres (looking at you, Inhumans) originated in Fantastic Four comics, a few stayed exclusively Fantastic Four. Among these characters is the Mole Man, who is rumored to be the primary villain of this film.


This upcoming film seems to spend considerable time in the Negative Zone, an alternate dimension made entirely of negative matter. Within the Negative Zone is Annihilus, a bug that is obsessed with the destruction of the positive world, in which we live. Although he shined and had his biggest appearance in the Annihilation event, it’s very possible that he could fit into the rights of the FF.

The character of Namor also rests in the strange between-land of copyrights between Marvel and Fox (like Quicksilver). Namor is the King of Atlantis. He is one of the most arrogant characters in Marvel. He also fell in love with Sue Storm, leading to an interesting love triangle. He is a well known character to FF fans and many believe his appearance is overdue.


Fox has also fought to keep the rights of Galactus and the Silver Surfer a couple years ago. This strongly implies that Fox plans on incorporating Galactus and the Silver Surfer in future movies. Of course, this was the storyline adopted for Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer in 2007, which was disliked enough to kill the series. To do the story arc again would be a very interesting decision to make.

Of course, one can’t forget Doctor Doom. Arguably the most wide-spread villain of the Marvel Universe, Doom is the King of Latveria. He will be introduced on screen again this Summer. If the rumors of Mole Man’s prominence prove true, it’s very likely that Doom’s villainy will cross over to multiple movies, instead of being focused on in one.


The focus on a sequel in the days before the first Fantastic Four has come out implies a strong investment in this series. Much more will be revealed when the Fantastic Four comes out this summer and even more when we see the box office results. For now, only time will tell.

One response to “Fantastic Four 2

  1. Or Fox is bluffing, pretending to be confident to convince the fans that they might have something special. Or they believe that they have a hit and it actually isn’t one. Wouldn’t be the first time a studio believes that it hit the right spot with the audience while creating an unbelievable generic movie.

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