Agents of SHIELD – Characters To Bring Back

Agents of SHIELD is looking at a strong finish for season 2 in the next couple months. That being said, there are a couple characters that were introduced at one point or another that we shouldn’t keep completely out of mind. These characters departed in such a way that they could be returned easily, but we haven’t seen them recently.

Without further adieu, here’s the list!



Franklin Hall was a scientist that was researching Gravitonium in Season 1, Episode 3. He and Ian Quinn were researching Gravitonium. Coulson’s team went in to rescue Hall, but Coulson ended up launching him into the Gravitonium, where he still resides.

That Gravitonium was seen again in Episode 18 of Season 1, where Ian Quinn was given the Gravitonium back. Unfortunately, that was the last time we saw it. Graviton is a cheesy, but threatening villain in the Marvel Universe. Franklin Hall was set up wonderfully in his own episode and I do hope that Agents of SHIELD won’t leave him out there to rust. I would love to see him again and I ancitipate seeing him in Season 3 (and not likely before then).



Michael Peterson was one of the driving forces of Season 1. As a test subject for Centipede, which later turned out to be Hydra, he was the first threat taken down by Coulson. Later, on a mission with the team, he was injured. The Clairvoyant gave him bionics to help him survive and used threats against his son to turn him into a weapon.

Deathlok’s son was rescued by Coulson and Deathlok switched sides, turning against the Clairvoyant. He disappeared into the night, hinting that he would return. It’s that hint that I am looking forward to. Although technically the story would be complete without his return, I still hope that Deathlok does return. It would be a wonderful cliffhanger and, frankly, a gift to those of us who watched all of season 1.

Absorbing Man


I would say that the Absorbing Man is the greatest adaptation that Agents of SHIELD has achieved thus far. Carl Creel was hired by Hydra to retrieve the Diviner. Having the ability to take on the attributes of things he touches, he took the form of rubber to protect him against the Diviner. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t protect him as much as he thought it would, and he ended up turning to stone.

The Absorbing Man is a fan favorite, not just in Agents of SHIELD but in Marvel as a whole. He was cheesy in the comics, yes, but he was very well done in the TV show. I say that Absorbing Man deserves a return. I would love to see him again in the future and, like Graviton, the show defeated him in such a way that he could return again.



If you remember Elliot Randolph, I am thoroughly impressed. Randolph was a professor of Norse Mythology in Spain. Eventually, it turned out that he was actually an Asgardian from thousands of years ago who decided to defect from his army and start a life on Earth. He broke his staff in three parts and scattered them across Earth. Eventually, they were reclaimed and hidden away, until the Hydra outbreak. The staff’s location is unclear and we haven’t heart from Randolph since.

This episode, Season 1 Episode 8, was during the dark times before Agents of SHIELD got their act together. It’s mostly forgettable and frankly, I don’t expect Randolph to return. I bring him up because every time an Asgardian comes up, there’s the glaring part in my mind that is reminded that another Asgardian is still there, dwelling on Earth. It may no be the best episode, but it happened and it’s a part of the canon.

The Cellist


Before there was Agents of SHIELD, there was Phase 1. One of the few things we knew about Coulson was that he was romantically involved with a cellist before his death. So when it was announced that Audrey Nathan, the cellist, was to be brought onto the show, fans swooned in advance (the nickname for the couple was the “Phil-harmonic”). Unfortunately, she was introduced in one episode and never again.

The cellist has legacy beyond Agents of SHIELD. She was repeatedly mentioned in the Avengers, the highest grossing Marvel movie of all time. The character deserves to be in more of Agents of SHIELD, if for no other reason than for her hype in the MCU. She makes Coulson human. I would love to see her return.

Alright, what do you think? Did I miss anyone major? Who would you like to see return to Agents of SHIELD? Will we ever see any of these return at all? For now, only time will tell.

2 responses to “Agents of SHIELD – Characters To Bring Back

  1. Honestly, I would prefer the Berserker to stay buried (along with Lorelei). Those two were easily my least favourite of the whole series.

    Otherwise, good list, though I would add Ian Quinn…honestly, what happened to him?

  2. I agree that they weren’t my favorite, but the show made a point of bringing Beserker back from the dead. He’s out there somewhere. It feels like a dangling plotline to me.
    I agree about Quinn. I had figured we would see him if ever and whenever we see Graviton again, so that’s why I left him out.

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