Agents of SHIELD – Season 2, Episode 12


Tonight was the second episode of SHIELD since the mid-season break. As usual, here is my five-sentence review for the episode:

I appreciate that Fitz-Simmons are no longer completely in sync, but conflicting in believable ways. At first, I thought they wouldn’t go into Inhumans this episode, but I was pleasantly surprised. The show is having fun hinting at Bobbi and Mack’s scheme and frankly, I have no ideas. Sif’s return was a little underwhelming and underused, but that allowed for a larger story to be told. This episode proves that Agents of SHIELD has mastered the art of telling a complete episode story, while maintaining a longer storyline.

This episode confirms the focus of the show on the Inhumans, whereas Hydra was the focus of last season. I will be interested to see how much this show builds towards the established Inhumans, such as Black Bolt or Maximus. For now, only time will tell.

Also, next week looks epic.


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