Villains for Spider-Man (MCU) – Some Ideas

The tricky part about doing a new Spider-Man movie is that the film has to be notably different from the previous two reboots. The Amazing Spider-Man did this by trying to achieve a grittier look and different love interest. The MCU Spider-Man has already been making attempts to try a fresh story. They have already indicated that the film will not be an origin story and that the love interest aspect would be greatly diminished. The tricky part comes with something a little heavier: the villain.

The villain needs to be big enough in the comics to excite the fans, while not being a straight repeat from what we have already seen on screen. So I have a few ideas of what we could see in order to balance that equation.



Kraven is one of the respected villains that has not yet been portrayed on screen. The original was a hunter from Africa who claimed to be hunting Spider-Man for sporting purposes. This would be very difficult to do on screen, but there is also the Ultimate Kraven approach. Intially, Ultimate Kraven was a reality TV show star that demonstrated his hunting. He promised to hunt Spider-Man in order to boost his own ratings. Interestingly, this Ultimate story arc also include Justin Hammer, who is still alive in the MCU.

Kraven is a villain that is well known, but has not yet found his way to the big screen. Also, I have heard friends call for Gerard Butler as Kraven, which would simply be fun.

Doctor Octopus


Alfred Molina gave arguably one of the best portrayals of a comic book villain in Spider-Man 2. Doctor Octopus is one of Spider-Man’s longest running and most dangerous villains. Aside from sharing the qualities of being based on 8 legs, he is the one that originally formed the first Sinister Six and was basically the biggest threat to Spider-Man for the first saga of Spider-Man’s career.

We have not seen Doctor Octopus for over 10 years. He was hinted at during the most recent Amazing Spider-Man, but the MCU Spider-Man would be the next on-screen portrayal. If the new Spider-Man wanted Doc Ock, he is ripe for the taking.

Green Goblin


Yes, we have basically seen the Green Goblin 3 times. What we haven’t seen, however, is the Ultimate version. The Ultimate Goblin is more of a hulk-beast than glider-rider. He maintains his intelligence, but holds massive strength and, frankly, a great threat. Norman Osborn was one of the greatest threats Spider-Man ever faced, but he was also a villain to the entire MCU. He once led a siege on Asgard, while head of HAMMER (SHIELD’s replacement).

Introducing Norman Osborn as the Ultimate Green Goblin could provide a strong villain, while still providing a different portrayal of a known character.



If they’re not the longest-running villains, they certainly are fan favorites. We saw a portrayal of venom and the suit in Spider-Man 3, which was very unpopular with fans (the Saturday Night Fever strut was the true moment when the film nuked the fridge). Seeing a new portrayal, showing a larger, more accurate Venom, I believe would be thoroughly embraced by the fans.

Carnage is also the character fans have been waiting for. Being more downright violent than his relative, Carnage poses a great threat to Spider-Man (in the Ultimates, it was Carnage that killed Gwen Stacy).

There was a confirmed Venom film, but it is unclear if that will come out at any point now. Including Venom or Carnage would give the movie a great boost.

What do you think? These are just some ideas of mine on the topic. What would you like to see on screen? Spider-Slayers? Scorpion? Some other? Let me know in the comments, answer the poll, but truly this is one that only time will tell.


One response to “Villains for Spider-Man (MCU) – Some Ideas

  1. Of the ones you mentioned, I would like Kraven the best for a start…but what about Chameleon?

    In any case, I wouldn’t start with the “big” names, especially not Venom. That would be a missed opportunity. With the GotG in the mix, they could introduce Venom in one of their movies (as a surprise?) before letting him turn up in a Spider-man movie. We have time (at least I assume that we do). We should start out middle-level before getting to the big boys. Not that they can’t introduce Norman Osborn now. But I would wait a couple of movies before he would turn him all villain.

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