Hawkeye Confirmed for Civil War


Jeremy Renner’s has been confirmed for Captain America: Civil War! He will join the cast of Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Junior, and Chadwick Boseman as fellow Avengers in Cap’s movie.

Fortunately for fans of Renner, this confirms the idea that he will not kick the bucket in Age of Ultron, as was widely speculated.

Civil War is quickly becoming Avengers 2.5, which many of us knew it would be. Presumably, the cast is building two sides: Pro- and Anti-Registration.

There is still numerous speculation about if an Avenger will die in Age of Ultron, although it’s looking increasingly less likely. For now, only time will tell.


2 responses to “Hawkeye Confirmed for Civil War

  1. Do we know yet whether we will get any Spiderman appearances in Civil War? Admittedly, it will be tricky, alongside well-known characters like Hawkeye, Wodow, Cap, & Iron Man, plus the appearance of T’challa, but what do you think our chances are?

    • I think the fans are very insistent that they want it. I don’t know if the studio will honor that, but it’s very possible. If so, it’ll be a brief cameo.

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