The MCU After Avengers 3

The MCU has broken itself into multiple “Phases” of movies. We are approaching Age of Ultron, the culmination of Phase 2. We have announcements for Phase 3, culminating in (presumably), Thanos. Most of the contracts with Marvel culminated in this movie. To me, this means a possible end of the Avengers as we know them. It will likely be the end of the story for Iron Man and Cap (Bucky excluded).

If we are to say that this team ends in Avengers 3 (which I acknowledge is a leap unto itself), what storylines could we see in Phase 4? As you may have guessed, I have some ideas.

The New Avengers


After the Avengers disassemble, the need for them does not. In the comics, a new team formed. It was not as revered as the original, which almost enhanced the interest. These Avengers (none of whom were in the originals) had to live up to the name they had adopted. A couple of these characters (Luke Cage, Iron Fist) are being introduced now.

The storyline in Phase 4, if it were adopted, doesn’t have to take the same characters. It could pull from the new characters that have movies. If there were sequels to Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, or Spider-Man, any of these could contribute to the New Avengers roster.

Secret Invasion


This one storyline could be brought across everything Marvel, from the Defenders to Movies to Agents of SHIELD. Alien shape-shifters have replaced many humans and heroes, meaning that no one can wholly be trusted. This story is decently well-known (Earth’s Mightiest Heroes did it better than even the comics did). It could be a crossover event that doesn’t hinge on the Avengers.

This may get into somewhat sticky copyrights. Although the Secret Invasion was a mass crossover event, the Skrulls were Fantastic Four villains for years. It’s possible that their species rests with Galactus and the Silver Surfer in Fox, or possibly with Namor and Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch in the unclear land between.

Secret Wars


I know it sounds similar to the Secret Invasion, but it’s a very different storyline. The major heroes and villains from Marvel’s Earth were abducted and taken to a new planet, dubbed Battleworld. This Battleworld is formed from pieces of other planets across the galaxy. The heroes and villains are told that if they slay the other side, they will be given anything they want.

This storyline is one of the first major crossovers in the Marvel Universe. It’s where Spider-man gets his black suit and frankly it holds up extremely well over the test of time. It’s been such a favorite that the storyline has been resurrected recently as the ground where the Universe will basically reboot.

The nice thing about this storyline is that it pulls the “notable heroes”, which could mean anyone that is needed from a story. Also, it doesn’t need to introduce a villain. It returns villains from past movies.

Here are three approaches that Marvel could take in the days after Phase 3. What do you think? Do you like these storylines? Are there others you would like to see? Of course, this is literally years away. For now, only time will tell.

Also, let me know if there’s any specific topic you would like me to write about. I’ve written %100 of the articles suggested to me. Is there anything you want to know more about?

One response to “The MCU After Avengers 3

  1. I think that Secret Wars is a storyline they could/should do when they end the whole MCU. Secret Invasion on the other hand would be a winner. If there is a problem with the Skrulls, they can pick/make up another race who does it in their place.

    I guess that some of the new heroes will replace some of the Avengers is a given. We will soon deal with a shifting rooster.

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