Agent Carter – Is it worth it? (Spoiler-free)


Agent Carter finished this past week. This 8-part mini-series was a follow up of Captain America: The First Avenger. For those of you that watched it, I have a review that includes spoilers. This article is intended to be for those who haven’t seen it and are trying to decide if they want to. Here is my spoiler-free review of the mini-series.

Agent Carter was pitched to the fans as a depiction of the origin of SHIELD through the popular character of Agent Carter. In reality, it’s not quite this.

The show is fun. The character of Jarvis is entertaining. Howard Stark is funny. Agent Carter is entertaining as always. It is very rarely boring. That being said, it’s not necessarily great.

The story is lackluster. It is pitched as a mystery story, where Agent Carter is trying to clear Stark’s name from treason, while trying to prove herself to her male coworkers. In the end, there are some good points, but it is never captivating. There are no edge-of-your-seat moments.


The show is ultimately disconnected. There was no real point of the show. It is not really connected in any way to the rest of the MCU. There is one nod to one of the Avengers, but ultimately there is little to no connection to the modern MCU.

In the end, this makes the show fun, but not by any means necessary. It is fun, but if you don’t watch it, you won’t be confused in Age of Ultron. When fans like myself have marathons of the MCU, this will be the show that we choose to skip over or else forget alltogether.

There is the possibility of a season 2, but I am excited to get back to Agents of SHIELD. If there is a season 2, I’ll let you know if my opinion changes, but for now only time will tell.


2 responses to “Agent Carter – Is it worth it? (Spoiler-free)

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  2. I have to disagree. For one, what you said is the plot of the show is mostly only the backdrop. It’s like saying that the Avengers is “about six heroes rescuing the world by taking out a McGuffin”. Which is correct, but the Avengers is actually about the personality of said heroes clashing and them learning to work together. You can also say that “The Winter Soldier” is about Steve uncovering a secret, but it is also about how far you are allowed in the name of protection, and about Steve trying to adjust to his new world and his relationship to Black Widow and…other characters.

    Agent Carter is about what you said, but also about Peggy dealing with her grief and finding a new place in life, about post-war America and some dark spots in this part of history which is usually overlooked when this time is portrayed, and yes, about Peggy struggling against society – which I personally find very riveting.

    And yes, it does tie in. Not in the “you have to watch it to understand everything else” way, but none of the entries to the MCU, especially not the TV shows are designed that way. You have always a choice. Agent Carter gives you a pretty good idea while founding SHIELD was even necessary, what the childhood of Natasha might have looked like, what might be the reasons why Howard changed from the young adventurer in The First Avenger to the bitter man in Iron Man 2, the real Jarvis, they even gave us a really good adaptation of a Comic book villain.

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