Spider-Man in the MCU: The Implications

For those of you who have not been living under a rock for the last 24 hours, you know that Spider-Man has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His movie will be coming in 2017. Sony, the company who had control over Spider-Man for the past 1.5 decades, will continue their creative control, within the realm of the MCU. This implies a number of different things regarding both companies and their properties.

The Cancellation of the Spider-Verse


Sony previously had scheduled a number of movies through their Spider-Man rights, such as Sinister Six, Venom, and an unknown female-led movie. It is almost guaranteed that these films will never reach the screen. The entire storyline of the Sinister Six will likely be unresolved. Although this is the weakest that Spider-Man writing has ever been (Spider-Man 3 may have been worse…), I would like to have seen the end of the story.

Disney has confirmed that there will be a recast Spider-Man and they are looking for a much younger actor, according to Hollywoodreporter.com.

So long Dane Dehaan, so long Rhino, so long that weird Black Cat reference. Hello Avenging Spider.

Rearranged Phase 3

To make room for the Spider-Man movie, a number of movies will be rearranged.

This is the movies that have been changed:


This actually places the Inhumans after Avengers 3 part 2, meaning it’s the beginning of Phase 4, which is extremely interesting. It means that the film probably had no effect on The Avengers 2. This also puts Black Panther now after the first Avengers 3 movie. Does this mean that Avengers 3 will not have much effect on Earth? Or is Black Panther’s story being rearranged? Will this make more sense when the movies actually come out (or have a trailer, for that matter)?

Captain America: Civil War


Despite the fans who insist, this does not guarantee that Spider-Man will be in Civil War. Yes, he had a big roll in the storyline, but I could argue that Mr. Fantastic had a similarly massive roll as the builder of 42, the prison where the captured heroes were kept, or Wolverine, as the hunter of the initial bomber, or Speedball, as the man on trial throughout the event, or Ben Urich, the one who searched for the reasons for the war. All of these were on similar levels of importance in the storyline, but no one really pushes for their presence in the story like they do Spider-Man’s.

That being said, I would still predict that he will make a cameo appearance or at least be referenced (similarly to Strange’s reference in Cap 2). But if he isn’t, don’t freak out. I think the greatest tragedy of the movie would be if it stopped being a Cap movie and started being a ground for as many characters as possible to fit in. First, it needs to be focused on Cap.

The Future Phases


This will not be the only Spider-Man movie. This is likely the beginning of a new trilogy. This means Phase 4 and beyond. He will likely join the ranks of Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Doctor Strange 2, or other movies that will likely be around Phase 4.

I don’t believe Phase 3 to be the end of the MCU, although it may mean the end of the Avengers. Spider-Man will stick around for a very long time, however.

What do you think? What else does Spider-Man’s introduction imply to us? Sound off in the comments. This move produces more questions than answers, but for now, only time will tell.


3 responses to “Spider-Man in the MCU: The Implications

  1. I think that Civil War is the most likely movie to introduce Spider-man. They said they want to do this before the Spider-man movie, which really narrows down the options. They won’t be able to do it in Age of Ultron or Ant-man because the time-frame is too short. That leaves three movies, Civil War, GotG2 and Dr. Strange. I think we can safely conclude that GotG 2 is out due to not being set on earth. and between Civil War and Dr. Strange, Civil War would make more sense, though I guess they could add him in Dr. Strange, too.
    Kevin Feige once said that he had ideas for movies until 2028….and aren’t there supposed to be five phases? Or do I misremember?

    • Feige once said that he had ideas until 2028, yes. The number of 5 Phases was not confirmed, however. This is the information I think you’re referring to:
      I would also point out that Spider-Man also needs no introduction to fans. They know him, they know the story. If Marvel wanted to have his first appearance in his own movie, it actually fits the precedent. Thor, the Guardians, and possibly Ant-Man all were introduced in their own movies first (post-credits aside).

      • Wasn’t part of the press release that Spider-man would be first introduced in the MCU before the solo movie? But then, it might not be more than a cameo. Just enough to establish that this Spider-man belongs to the MCU.

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