What did we learn from Daredevil Trailer?

Early today we got our first look at the Daredevil Netflix series. Although it was a brief look, not dwelling too much on the story, we got a few good bits of information. Let’s take a look at what we know:

A dark tone

The tone of the show is notably dark. It doesn’t look like it’s going to hold back on the blood or violence. This is notably darker than anything else in the MCU so far (the darkest yet was The Dark World). This is an interesting change to the Universe as we know it.

A Catholic Devil

I appreciate that Daredevil is apparently still very Catholic. This is a strong theme in the character’s life. The trailer was narrated by Matt’s confessional. This portion of the character is apparently sticking around, which I consider a great part of his character.

Origin Story

One of the interesting things to note is the costume. Apparently, the Frank Miller origin costume will be around for most of the series. The black ninja outfit is not the costume that most people know, but we have confirmed from two sources that the red suit will be in the show at some point.

The Title

New Daredevil
This is odd, but look at the title. As opposed to the 2003 Ben Affleck film’s title, this show borrows the exact title style from the decades of comic series. It is a nice homage to the comics. The new title is above. The 2003 is below.

Old Daredevil

First looks
We got our first looks at a couple characters. Take a look at these:

Foggy Nelson, Matt’s Partner


Stick, Matt’s old trainer.

Karen Page

Karen Page, the presumable love interest (with a complicated comic history, I might add).


Kingpin (from behind)

What did you think of the trailer? Are you more or less excited now for the show? I am still curious about the story itself, but for now, only time will tell.


2 responses to “What did we learn from Daredevil Trailer?

  1. First I had more or less the same complains I had about the Fantastic Four one, but then came the “what I am about to do” line and they had me. I really want to know what he is about to do what is apparently so much worse than what he already did…..

    I wonder…do you watch Agent Carter? You never comment on it.

    • I do watch Agent Carter. I have mixed feelings on the show and I plan on doing a retrospective piece when it’s finished. I’m taking this time as a break from weakly posts on AoS, which was difficult to maintain due to class and work schedules. I will write on it when it’s done, fear not.

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