Iron Fist – My Netflix Prediction


In case you missed it, this is the final day of Iron Fist week on this site. I gave the complete run-down of who Iron Fist is, actors suggested for the roll, key characters, and key storylines in Iron Fist. At the end, as a culmination, I would like to indulge in what my ideal Netflix show would look like.

Many writers across the internet would write this as “How Iron Fist NEEDS to go”. I personally damn all of them to the far corners of the internet. Marvel is smarter than I am and will likely make a better show than I could. But if a fan ever claims to not speculate, they’re simply lying.


I think the show will focus mostly on Iron Fist’s return to New York after his leaving K’un Lun. Aged 19 and full of fury, Danny Rand finds himself out of place. He left the world of 2005, a little like Cap left the 40’s (“What about Pirates of the Caribbean? How did that all turn out?”). I think they’ll go this early origin because of their apparent approach of Daredevil. We’ve seen that the Daredevil show will be something of an origin story, to the point where we haven’t even seen his official costume yet. It’s reasonable to guess that each of the characters will take a similar approach.

If this is the case, then the Meachum storyline is the best guess for how the TV show will play out. Iron Fist returns to New York and begins to hunt Harold Meachum. It’s possible that the show will simply have Meachum be the primary villain instead of rising up his brother, in order to keep Iron Fist’s interest personal.

In order to combat the power of Iron Fist, Meachum recognizes that he needs to enlist the help of similar power. This leads to the Steel Serpent’s introduction. For the TV show, I would change the origin of Steel Serpent from Wendell’s training partner to Danny’s training partner. The Steel Serpent would still believe that the Iron Fist power rightfully belongs to him, therefore the only way to claim his rightful power is to kill Danny.


I would also introduce Professor Wing, Colleen Wing, and Misty Knight. The Professor and Colleen are the first ones in the comic to bring Iron Fist into their homes following his return. Colleen and Misty remain his friends up to modern day. The romance between Misty and Iron Fist would also satisfy the growing cry for racial diversity in Marvel, while remaining extremely true to the comics.

I would also begin or end each episode with a minute or two-minute flashback to the origin story of Iron Fist. Go from the mountaintop expedition, through each parent’s death, to the training of Danny, and the eventual battle with Shang-Lou the Undying. It’s a little Arrow-like, but frankly, so is the original telling of the story.


Assuming that the TV show comes after Luke Cage, I would introduce Luke to Danny at some point through the show. At the end of the show, I would have Luke and Danny end together, setting them up together for the Defenders, as well as being true to the origin story.

I would end the show with Harold Meachum’s death. The Steel Serpent is defeated, but not killed. Iron Fist and Luke Cage have agreed to work together.

One of the big faults with this theory is that it doesn’t include the Kingpin. The Kingpin has been listed as the villain of the Defenders. He has been confirmed as heavily featured in Daredevil (although, granted, there is more comic basis for that), but this would mean that Iron Fist has no connection to the Kingpin before the Defenders.


Of course, this is not an episode-by-episode breakdown, but just a general theory of how the show could go. Once again, I trust Marvel to make a great show that respects the character that I love. For now, only time will tell.

Also, if you have any specific requests for me to write about, please comment. I write to educate. If you want to know more or anything specific, I would be overjoyed to hear from you.

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