Possible Iron Fist Storylines

This is Iron Fist week, day 4! Today, I would like to take a look at possible storylines that the Iron Fist storyline could follow. It is very possible that the story could be an original story, but even those borrow from the comics in almost every case.

Iron Fist spent over half his time on the page as a part of either the New Avengers or the Heroes for Hire, where he shared the spotlight with Luke Cage. If we are to assume that his mini-series will be based somewhat off something in the comics, then there are really only a few viable storylines that we could see.

The Origin


The TV series could follow Danny Rand’s original journey to K’un Lun. When Danny was young, he accompanied his parents and his father’s business partner on a journey, looking for the heavenly city of K’un Lun. Both his parents were killed on the way and only Danny made it to the mythical city. Danny then trained for nearly a decade in the ways of martial arts.

As per the tradition of K’un Lun, the city chose a champion, Danny, to rise up and face a dragon that lived in a nearby cave, called Shang-Chi the Undying. During the battle, Danny tackled the creature, which burned the insignia of the dragon onto his chest. After defeating the creature, Danny plunged his hands into the still-beating heart of the dragon, becoming the Iron Fist, the “Living Weapon” of the city of K’un Lun.

The issue with the TV series based off the origin is that it has nothing to do with Hell’s Kitchen, where all the TV series are said to be based out of. Also, you could quickly lose an audience with talks of magical cities and the hearts of dragons. I am willing to bet that we will see this story, but told during flashbacks (DC fans, think Arrow-style). The primary story, I think will be different.

Harold Meachum


Probably the most obvious choice for a story-line is that of Harold Meachum. Meachum was the business partner of Wendell Rand, Danny’s father, who accompanied the family on the search for K’un Lun. Meachum betrayed Danny’s father and pushed him off a cliff, declaring his love for Danny’s mother. When she scorned him, Meachum left Danny and his mom to die on the mountain.

When Danny returned with the power of the Iron Fist, he sought only to avenge his father. When he found Meachum, however, he was a dried up man who had “died inside a long time ago”. Danny spared the man, but he was killed minutes later anyways. This led the Meachum family, specifically Harold’s brother, to lead a vendetta against Danny. The storyline was peppered with numerous villains, including the Steel Serpent, whom I consider to be Iron Fist’s arch nemesis.

The storyline could very easily take place in Hell’s Kitchen, although the original comics don’t specify. I think it would transition well into the TV series, as well as providing a good background to Iron Fist.

Orson Randall and the Cities of Heaven


Two of the best storylines in Iron Fist lore both took place back to back. These follow Danny as he discovers the former Iron Fist, Orson Randall, and learns more about the origin of his title. Following Randall’s death, Danny is called back to participate in a tournament between the seven cities of heaven. The tournament is heavy with bloodshed and there is a revolution in K’un Lun breeding behind the scenes.

The story focuses heavily on key characters of Iron Fist’s life. The Steel Serpent is one of the champions of the other cities (this is where he lost his hand). This is where Wendell Rand’s backstory is explored. There is also a side plot regarding a businessman in Manhatten attempting to take over the Rand company and build a train-bomb to destroy K’un Lun.

I don’t think we’ll see this story just yet. Despite it’s glory, it involves too much build-up from Iron Fist history. We may see it for season 2, but that’s far too far to begin even predicting. If we see any of this, it’s likely to be pieces borrowed into another story (Orson Randall could easily fit in anywhere).

What do you think? Will these series be totally original? Or will they go for a more original story? Sound off in the comments. For now, only time will tell.


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