The Marvel Universe is ending.


Normally I report exclusively on Marvel movies, but yesterday an announcement was made that is too big to ignore. The Marvel Universe, which has existed since the 1940’s, will end this May. A new era will begin with “All-New Marvel”. Reboots have never really been Marvel’s style. They rebooted in 2001 with the Ultimates, but still continued their stories in the primary Universe as well. This time, if you want to read new Marvel stories, the only option is “All-new”. DC did this quite successfully with their “New 52” line, with great success.

This event will happen in the Secret Wars saga that is upcoming. Evidently it will include pieces of both the Ultimate world and the main line.

I have two great concerns with this.

First, how do you make the modern reboot notably different from the Ultimates, when not too much time has passed. I fear the stories will feel too similar.

Second, how long until we see some of our favorites, and will they be given the spotlight? As you noticed this week, one of my favorite characters is Iron Fist. Will we see him sooner rather than later in this new Universe?

There is still much that is unclear about where we will go moving forward with this Universe. For now, only time will tell.


One response to “The Marvel Universe is ending.

  1. To me it sounds like Marvel just wants to get rid of all those continuity problems, all those conflicting storylines and make a fresh start by taking their favourite characters and storylines and telling them in a modern (and more diverse) way. I have the feeling they want a comic version the MCU, but a little bit more intricate.
    It might be a really good move. One of the main reasons I never actually read those Superhero comics were all those conflicting information and that it just seemed to be too much. Starting with a somewhat blank slate might be a good way to be more inviting to new readers. And they might be able to work out one proper timeline, and instead of having different versions of the same character, they could pick the most popular ones and built on it.

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