Iron Fist – Key Characters

It is day 3 of Iron Fist week! Today I’ll be taking a look at some of the key characters that could be introduced into the Netflix Iron Fist TV series. This is by no means a definitive list, but it’s a good list to get a grip on the who’s who of Iron Fist.

Lei-Kung The Thunderer


Lei Kung was the man who trained Iron Fist, essentially. When Danny Rand was introduced to K’un Lun, he was placed under the Thunderer’s care, which meant grueling and often torturous training. The Thunderer has an even larger spectrum within K’un Lun, however. He is one of the most respected men in the city. At one point, he even single-handedly saved the city from destruction. Following a revolution in the city, he became the new ruler. He remained ruler (or Yu-Ti) of the city. In extremely later days, he was killed when the city was sacked. The current issues of Iron Fist are following this storyline.

The Steel Serpent


Davos, or the Steel Serpent, is the son of Lei-Kung The Thunderer, and Iron Fist’s most consistent villain. Davos was trained in K’un Lun and quickly became a strong fighter. He was close friends with a man named Wendell Rand, father of the current Iron Fist. When it came time for a warrior to be selected to fight Shang-Lou the Undying, Wendell and Davos fought for the right. When Davos lost, his fury led him to challenge the dragon anyways. He was severely wounded and disgraced. Davos went to another of the “cities of heaven” (there are 7, 8 if you count the “lost one”). He was trained to become the living weapon of another city. Davos has attempted numerous times to claim the chi of Shang-Lou by killing Iron Fist and taking it from him. In later days, Davos lost his hand during the tournament of the Seven Cities of Heaven. You can count on Davos fighting against Danny in the television show.

Misty Knight


Mercedes Knight began as a cop in New York. After she lost her arm in the service, she set up an investigating firm with Colleen Wing, called Nightwing Restorations. Her arm was replaced with a mechanical replacement, enabling her an almost super-strength. It was through the Wing family that she met Iron Fist. She worked with him in order to track down Colleen’s kidnappers. She became a regular in the Iron Fist lore, even beginning a romantic relationship with him. She became engaged with him, but have not yet got married.

Wendell Rand


Wendell Rand has lived an erratic life. From an early age, he was raised and trained by Orson Randall, who at the time held the title of Iron Fist. After years of adventuring with Randall and others, Wendell found his way to K’un Lun, where he trained in martial arts, alongside the Steel Serpent, Davos. Wendell won the right to face Shang-Lou, but his previous discouragements by Randall disabled him from defeating the dragon. Randall later told Wendell that he was not destined to be an Iron Fist, but rather to father one. Wendell returned to New York, where he built a company alongside Harold Meachum. He married a woman named Heather and had a son, named Danny. Wendell then felt a compelling desire to return to K’un Lun. He led his family and Harold, who insisted on coming, into the depths of the mountains. There, he was betrayed and killed by Harold Meachum.

Harold Meachum


The Meachum Family as a whole was the original villains of the Iron Fist saga. Harold Meachum was the man who betrayed and murdered Wendell Rand. His motive was two-fold: He was sleeping with Wendell’s wife and he wanted the company to himself. After leaving the mountaintop, Harold found his way slowly back to civilization, but lost both his legs. He lived in terror for years that Danny, who he had heard had found K’un Lun, would return to kill him. When Danny did return, he spared Meachum, but was killed by a ninja shortly after (there’s a whole side plot there). Harold’s brother and daughter became the villains of the Iron Fist story for a while, leaguing with the Steel Serprent against Danny.

There are plenty of characters in Danny’s story, as there are with any character. These five are the big ones that I could anticipate joining Iron Fist in his TV show. As to the nature of the show and if any of these will eventually make it, well only time can tell.


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