Iron Fist – Casting Options


Day 2 of Iron Fist week! Today we are looking at some of the names that have been thrown around for the role of Danny Rand, the Immortal Iron Fist. Looking at the casting of the characters in the Defenders already, it’s very likely that we won’t be able to correctly guess… or even consider… the actor who will eventually land the roll. That being said, there are some interesting choices being thrown around.

Jensen Ackles


The fan-girl heart-throb of Supernatural has made almost every fan-cast list across the internet. There are certainly merits to this possibility. He has proven that he has no problem playing the same character repeatedly. His career has been almost exclusively televison-related. He also bears physical resemblence to Danny (of the few times we’ve seen him without a mask). That being said, I think he is a little old for the roll. Danny was 20 when he left K’un Lun. He was 33 in 2007. The character is considered a young one in Marvel.

Chad Micheal Murray


Chad Michael Murray would be a decent choice for the roll. He physically resembles Danny Rand and is a recognizable, although not famous, name. This puts him in the price range needed for the Iron Fist budget. Unfortunately, the MCU has demonstrated a one-actor-one-character rule (unless you’re Paul Bettany). Murray is in Agent Carter right now. Although the characters would be decades apart and may not even be recognizable as the same, I would still consider the actor out of the running for other Marvel characters.

Garrett Hedlund


You may recognize Hedlund from Tron: Legacy. After that, he kinda fell off the map. This is my favorite choice for Danny Rand. He is a recognizable name, has almost uncanny similarity to Danny Rand, and is young enough to play the character as he was originally written. The fact that he hasn’t done anything large since Tron means that he could still be in the price range for Marvel/Netflix. I think he would even look good with a yellow bandana tied around the top of his face.

An Asian American


Frankly, I would choose one actor in particular, but there are a plethora being suggested under this category. To me, the specific actor isn’t the most notable topic, but the idea of casting an Asian. For years, there have been calls for more diversity in Marvel. This resulted in a black Nick Fury, female Thor, black Cap, Muslim Ms. Marvel, and numerous others. The argument here is that a white American coming into K’un Lun, mastering martial arts, and becoming the best ever only supports the “White Savior” racial stereotype. Certain fans have asked of Marvel to cast an Asian-American actor.

For my part, I think that the foreignness of Rand’s character in K’un Lun is a part of his character. His is instantly viewed as the outsider by all in the city. Then, when he returns to New York, he consistently longs to go back to K’un Lun. As a whole, his story is extremely respectful to Asian cultures. Marvel has sinned in the area of political correctness (The Mandarin, anyone?), but I don’t think that Danny Rand was the sin people claim it was. You may disagree, and I respect that. Let me know in the comments.


Who do you want for Iron Fist? Did I miss anyone crucial on this list? Sound off in the comments. Whenever he is cast, I’ll let you know, but for now, only time will tell.


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