Who Will Die in Age of Ultron?

It’s almost been confirmed already. The question is no longer “will someone die in Avengers 2?”, but “who will die in Avengers 2?”. This comes from multiple hints from Joss Whedon, the director, and a few hints from other actors. This post contains the major candidates and the evidence for and against. You will not see any character that has signed on for movies after Avengers 2, only because I don’t believe they will pull another Phil Coulson with a major character.



THE major candidate for death. Everyone is looking to Hawkeye to kick the bucket in Avengers 2. He is cool, but proved almost inconsequential in Avengers 1. Even Renner admitted he was upset with the lack of depth for his character. Following these remarks, it was theorized that Marvel might kill of Hawkeye to remove Renner, their critic.

Political assassinations haven’t really been Marvel’s style, though. Paul Bettany has had some harsh words to say about Marvel, but his character has been expanded, not eliminated. Also, this is Joss Whedon we are talking about. I have trouble believing that Whedon, knowing everyone is expecting Hawkeye to die, will deliver just that.

Some say that Hawkeye is the surest bet. I’m not so sure.

Black Widow


No one is really pointing at Black Widow, which I think makes her more likely than we admit. She is a fan favorite, but that guarantees no security from Whedon (Firefly still breaks my heart). She has had a full time to be established and grown through three major rolls (even if Iron Man 2 meant just for eye candy, Avengers and Cap 2 were significantly more).

The evidence against is partly due to unresolved story lines and Whedon’s love for strong female characters. There has been a lot of back story hinted at with Black Widow. If she died, we likely would not have much of a payoff on that story. Also, Whedon loves strong females, which is exactly what he has with Natasha. Although he is bringing in Scarlet Witch, there would be those who claimed the film anti-feminist for only having one living female on the team at a time. Would it be enough to make an issue? Doubtful.

It’s a possibility, but there is no significant evidence for it.



Is it possible for a character like the Vision to be introduced and killed off at the same time? Definitely. Is it likely? Well, it would tick off some fans, but Whedon never really cared about that anyways. In short, the Vision is very powerful. Marvel recently confirmed that he will hold onto his abilities to change his density, therefore phasing through solid walls. With that power, the only security is secrecy. Sure, Hydra could hide, but the moment anyone knows where the villains are, all they have to do is send in the Vision. It could upset the balance of power inside the MCU. So the Vision could pull a Silver Surfer and take Ultron down, at the cost of himself.

The argument against Vision’s death is partially comic accuracy and common beliefs. In the comics, the Vision rebelled against Ultron and joined the Avengers. Although no one sticks around forever, the Vision was one of the more consistent Avengers. He was present and died when the Avengers were disassembled in 2004. No one believes that Vision will not follow this trend of joining and staying.

No one believes it, but it’s possible.

What do you think? Who is set to meet their maker in the Avengers 2. Vote on the poll below. I would love to hear your thoughts. For now, only time will tell.


One response to “Who Will Die in Age of Ultron?

  1. I don’t think that it will one of the Avengers. Especially not Black Widow. Feige has more or less promised that there will be future storylines for her plus Marvel would be very stupid to kill off their strongest female character after they already get so much flak for the lack of them.

    If someone dies, it will be either a new character or a minor one (along the line of Maria Hill) or Nick Fury. The latter one is very likely because his purpose seems to be mostly over now that SHIELD is not longer “his”. Would be a shame though.

    But the most likely scenario is for me that Whedon is trolling the fans and the character who dies will be Ultron or Peggy Carter.

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