The Ant-Man Trailer

Here is the recently released Ant-Man trailer!


2 responses to “The Ant-Man Trailer

  1. I think that this is going to be a great movie. That being said, this was a terrible traile

    This trailer just doesn’t seem right. They had all these comedy directors with their hands all over this movie, but the trailer was super serious. There were two jokes, which were the high points of the trailer, but they were overshadowed by the editing and the music. Their “ant-sized teaser” and the new poster were both really funny. And I think that they give a better idea of what this film will be like than this trailer, event though they don’t have any of the content from the movie.This trailer just doesn’t seem like a good representation of the movie that I have been hearing about. If I didn’t know anything about Ant-Man, this trailer wouldn’t make me want to see the movie. I’m looking forward to another trailer, that will hopefully give me a better idea of the tone of this movie.

    • I actually agree. I expected a funnier trailer. It could be said that the success of guardians proved that audiences want funny, and the directors do match funny ones. We will see more as it gets closer, but i had the same concern.

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