Gambit Movie Confirmed for 2016


Fox announced today that a Gambit solo movie is in the works for 2016. On October 7, Channing Tatum will star in the film starring the card-wielding mutant. This will take place after his introduction in X-men: Apocalypse. This is Fox’s third X-men related movie taking place that year, with Deadpool also taking place in the February. This will truly be a mutant-centered year, as well as a great year for Marvel.

Also take note, now the three fan-favorites from X-men Origins: Wolverine all will be getting their own, hopefully decent movies: Wolverine (2013), Deadpool (2016) and now Gambit (2016). Now I just hope for a good Cable representation sometime soon and I’ll be good. What will this movie be? Will it be an origin story? Or something else? I’ll give more details as they come, but for now, only time will tell.

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