Amazing Spider-Man 3 Still On?


Following the disappointment of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the conversations between Sony and Marvel regarding Spidey’s rights, everyone pretty much thought that Sony’s Spider-Verse was over. Fans immediately began to ponder who could next play Peter Parker (although some pulled for Miles Morales). Today, however, it sounds like the Amazing Spider-Man 3 may still be happening.

There was a casting call that went out in Atlanta for extras in the Amazing Spider-Man 3. Among the listed stars for the movie were Andrew Garfield and Dane Dehaan.

It’s possible this is fake, but if it’s not, it has some interesting implications for the future of Spider-Man. Originally, there was supposed to be a Sinister Six movie AND a venom movie before the next Amazing Spider-Man movie. This could mean that Sony is leaning towards simply finishing off the series quickly with a third movie and then conceding.


One of my readers, Swanpride, has been pulling for this result from the beginning of the Spider-Man controversy. I think she represents a fair portion of the fans who may want to see a finale to the story.

I am at least encouraged that Sony seems to recognize that there is a problem. It’s hard to argue with the numbers. We will see if they decide to shorten their Spider-Verse and then relent with the property or if they will keep pushing through. Naturally, if this casting call is fraudulent, then this is all null and void. For now, only time will tell.


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    Chapter 1 – With great power comes great responsibility.

    – Spiderman

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