What 2015 holds for Marvel

2014 was a big year for Marvel. As big as that year was, I am willing to bet that this year will hold even more in store for us Marvel fans. Let’s take a look at what we can expect this year.

Avengers and Ant-Man


There are two official movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe this year. The first, Age of Ultron on May 1, will probably be the highest grossing Marvel movie of all time, as well as changing the entire Universe… again. The second will be Ant-Man, which will likely be a fun movie that may not contribute much to the MCU. EIther way, these are the only Marvel movies this year.

The Defenders Begins


Also on May 1 will be Daredevil, the first of the Defenders TV series. All four series are believed to be released within this year, but I can say that we will likely see Daredevil and Jessica Jones this year for sure. Either way, these will be welcome additions to the MCU.

Apocalypse News


As we go through this year, we can expect plenty of set pictures and many more details regarding the next X-men movie, Apocalypse. As with many movies, we will learn a lot regarding movies from the set pictures. We may even see James McAvoy with a shiny head.



By this time next year, we will have a trailer and anticipations for Deadpool. The movie is set to come out on Valentine’s Day of next year, so the entire film must be written, filmed, and ready to go by this time next year. Unless that due date is pushed back, we can expect to see a trailer in one year’s time.

Captain Marvel or Black Bolt Cast?


I can’t say anything definitely, but it is possible that we will see the casting for either Captain Marvel or Black Bolt at some time this year. It sounds like its getting ahead of ourselves, as both movies are set for 2018, but Black Panther is set for 2017 and we already have his actor, due to a roll in Civil War. It’s very possible we will see Captain Marvel or Black Bolt on Agents of SHIELD or in another movie, thereby granting early casting.



If I could make a prediction, I would say that this year will mean the end of the Sony Spider-Verse and the return of Spider-Man to the MCU. We know that the deal is in the works, but we as the fans were not supposed to know that (North Korea told us). This year will see the resolving of that, and I bet that it will end with Spider-Man in the MCU. We may not see him on screen, but we will hear the rights resolved.

Much more

On year ago, we never could have predicted that SHIELD would fall apart during Winter Soldier. We never would have guessed that a Deadpool movie would be in the works. We never dared dream that the Defenders would make it to the screen. Whose to say what is waiting for us on the other end of this year? What new announcements will we see? How will Ultron change the MCU? Honestly and truly, only time will tell.


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