Ultron to have alien origins? Vision and Ultron Origins

Marvel released a series of promotional images, finally revealing Vision in an official image. Check out that first:


This, as well as a later image, confirms that The Vision’s ability to change his density, therefore phasing in and out of walls, remains. It was unclear before, due to the outlandish nature of the ability. Some other promotional art includes biographies for both Vision and Ultron. First, Vision:


The bio confirms that Vision is actually created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. There is no inclination that Ultron created Vision, which is very different than the origin story of Vision from the comics. If this turns out to be true in the film, then it may tick off some fan boys.

Also, Ultron:


This image indicates that Ultron has potentially alien origins. We knew that Ultron would be upgrading his body throughout the film. This also confirms that Tony had a strong hand in creating Ultron, which fans had guessed for a long time.

What do you think about these origins for Vision and Ultron? They’re both a little off canon from the comics. Do you like the changes? Or should the movies stick closer to the originals? I’m excited to hear more from Marvel regarding these characters, but for now, only time will tell.

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