Luke Cage Cast!


We finally have the casting for Luke Cage. This has been in development for months now and fans everywhere have been speculating on just who would be cast for “Power Man”. The names ranged from Idris Elba to The Rock, but Marvel decided to go to the lesser known actors for their mini-series (and I can’t say I blame them.

Luke Cage is going to be played by Mike Colter. Colter has been around awhile, playing rolls in Million Dollar Baby back in 2004, but also more recent films such as Salt, Men in Black 3, and Zero Dark Thirty. Check out his IMDB page to see if you know him from anywhere else.

What’s most interesting about this to me is that he will not debut in his own series. He will first appear in AKA Jessica Jones, which is scheduled to come out at some point in 2015. This makes sense, as Jessica Jones and Luke have something of a romantic connection in the comics (leading to a marriage, actually), but Jessica is definitely the least known of the four Defenders. It’s likely that they are trying to boost the viewership of Jessica Jones by adding our first looks at Luke.

Either way, the Defenders are some of my favorite things to be hearing about recently. Follow me on facebook or twitter to hear more about it. The only Defender we are still waiting for news on is Iron Fist. For that, only time will tell.


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