Daredevil Finishes Filming

The Daredevil mini-series has completed filming. This has been one of my favorite upcoming titles to be excited about. The series was announced back at the beginning of last year. It is the first of four mini-series, which will culminate in the Defenders, a joint between DD and the other heroes.

We also got a couple more images for the series. First, we get another of Daredevil in his black costume:


This shows us the same as another photo, released a couple months ago. Still, it’s good to see the character in action. I don’t see his classic billy-club. The club, his primary weapon as far back as issue #1, has often sported other convenient additions, such as a microphone or a grappling hook. In later canon, such as that borrowed from the Ben Affleck film, the club has a connecting cord between two halves, turning it into a sort of nun chuck (although the actual name for the weapon would be a manrikigusari, nun chuck is simply easier. Fanboys don’t hate me). I hope the billy club will find its way into the series, where it rightfully belongs in Daredevil’s hand.

Also, it’s interesting how thin Daredevil looks in the picture. Daredevil was normally one of the larger heroes, physically. He was tall and muscular. This image has him very thin. I wonder if he will be this small for the series or if its the angling of the picture. Either way, I am behind Charlie Cox one hundred percent. I appreciate him as an actor and look forward to seeing him on screen as my beloved Daredevil.

We also got another image released yesterday:


This shows us exactly nothing new compared to previous images released by Marvel, but its still cool to see the character. You will note the walking stick, which often doubles as the billy club in Daredevil lore. Not to beat a dead horse, but the billy club is a must-have.

I am beyond excited to see Daredevil grace the screen this May. I have a lot of questions regarding how this character will interact with the rest of the MCU. The series has been confirmed to be in the same universe as the Avengers, but May is also the time when Ultron will unleash his wrath against the world (interesting trivia: Daredevil actually fought Ultron one on one at one point). Will the show explore that at all? Make reference to it? At the moment, it’s unclear, but only time will tell.

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